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Bipedal Locomotion In Australopithecus Afarensis / A Study of Lucy and Lovejoy :
A 7 page paper that provides an overview of the theories surrounding bipedalism and the benefits for Australopithecus afarensis, the ancestral hominids of the African savanna. This paper looks at the perspectives of Edey, Johanson, Lovejoy and a number of other major anthropologists. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Lucy.rtf

Qualitative Analysis of the Social Environment at a McDonald’s :
5 pages in length. The writer analytically discusses the social environment and atmosphere in a typical Mc Donald’s fast food restaurant. Qualitative research on social environments is included as well. Bibliography lists 1 source. Qualanal.wps

Observations In Cultural Anthropology : An excellent 6 page essay for those studying anthropology or certain areas of sociology. Author illustratively describes pertinent observations made about people in a Brooklyn, NYC pizzeria and the surrounding events that transpired. Several quotes are used from observed conversations. No bibliography. Anthr.wps

Cultural Anthropology / Religion & Art : A 7 page paper on how art and religion have been blended throughout known history and how this applies to cultural anthropology. The paper discusses how religion and art are means of expressing cultural beliefs, means of teaching societal norms, and means of progressing society. The writer argues that cultural variation/progression impacts the evolutionary scheme as imperatively as biological variation. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Cultant.wps

Cultural Differences / Seeing the World Through the Eyes of Others : A 5 page examination of the experiences one typically encounters when entering a different culture. Discusses problems such as the language barrier, food differences, dress, etc. Includes a humorous example of differences one can experience even within a small geographic area. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Cultdiff.wps

The Frankfurt School and Culture Industry : A 6 page paper that discusses the culture industry, a concept developed by Frankfurt School scholars Holkheimer and Adorno. The basic concept of the culture industry is that technology and industry have created a movement towards the mass production of culture. Holkheimer and Adorno argue this concept as it relates to man's role within society as well as the role of industry and business in creating this social phenomenon. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Frankfur.wps

*More On The ' Culture Industry ' available in Our *Philosophy Section !

Sociology, Culture, & Learning -- A Theoretical Examination : A 5 page essay exploring specific sociological issues: social factors involved in learning; how social structure creates social order in a culture; how social structure and culture have changed over the last 50 years. Theories are offered in terms of learning as a social act. Social order is explained. Bibliography is included. Socio.wps

Gary Althen’s "American Ways" : An 8 page paper that provides an overview of Gary Althen's book American Ways. This paper demonstrates the way in which Althen's cultural perspective on white, middle-class America can be an important sociological tool for people from other countries. Bibliography lists 1 source. Amerways.wps

Machiavelli, Erasmus, and Pico della Mirandola On Human Nature : A 7 page paper that compares three Italian humanists and their perspectives on human nature. This paper demonstrates the way in which the independent perspectives of these three authors, though all based in ancient philosophy, create different concepts of the origin of human nature. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Three.wps

Samurai Japanese Culture : A 4 page research essay that describes the Samurai culture. Topics include the origins of the Samurai, their purpose, and the end of the Samurai class. But, did the spirit of the Samurai end there? Was the spirit of the fiercest warrior who service without regard for his own safety once again evident in the Kamikaze pilots in World War II. This writer discusses this possibility. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Samurai.wps

Japanese Vs. American Development of Self-Concept : A 15 page paper on the factors that make up self-concept in each country. The writer describes how the mythology, religion, social setting, child-rearing and concepts of success define who people are in each culture. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Japanv.wps

Chinese - American Women During World War II : In 6 pages, the author discusses the treatment and social status of Chinese American woman during World War II. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Chiamer2.wps

Brazilian Culture / The Carnival At Rio DeJaneiro : A 5 page research paper focusing on the current day celebration and activities associated with this celebrated festivity in Brazil. Various rituals and traditions are highlighted throughout the discussion. A brief overview of the origin of carnivals is included as well. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Carnival.wps

Caribbean Islands and Islands of the Indian Ocean : An 8 page paper comparing these two areas. The writer describes and compares the culture, environment and society of each. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Caribisl.wps

Chinese Family Systems : A 7 page paper on Chinese families, comparing contemporary situations with traditional. The writer details Chinese wedding customs, gender power, patriarchy and the traditional family structure juxtaposed in modern life. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Chinafam.wps

Ancient Cyprus : This 10 page paper provides an overview of the ancient civilization and culture of the island of Cyprus. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Acyprus.wps

Modern Greek Culture : A 10 page research paper on the culture of modern Greece. The writer explores the gender roles, ethnicity, language, and religion, and other important influences in modern Greek society. Specific examples of Greek ritual and tradition are provided. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Mdrngrk.wps

Greek Island Culture -- Jill Dubisch’s "In a Different Place" : A 6 page paper discussing Dr. Jill Dubisch’s book "In a Different Place: Pilgrimage, Gender, and Politics at a Greek Island Shrine" about a modern pilgrimage to Tinos -- an island in the Greek cyclades. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Dubisch.doc

Estimating the Life Expectancy of A Community's Citizens : 7 pages in length. In this study, the writer analyzes death records of a specific town and hypothesizes that the next 150 years will bring about a continued decrease in infant and child mortality as well as an augmentation in the number of years that people will live. A study of area tombstones is conducted and data is collected to determine common ages at which people have died over a period of about 150 years. A number of possible discrepancies are taken into account and conclusions are made with the help of supporting library research. Several illustrative charts are included. Bibliography lists 5 supporting sources. Lifeexpy.wps

Hyksos / Semitic Origins : A 5 page research paper exploring the origins of the Hyksos who seized and ruled Egypt during the 15th and 16th Dynasties. Although their origins were thought to date back to Old Testament Hebrew by very early scholars (First Century AD), it is only in the last thirty years archeological finds have indicated the Hyksos had a strong affiliation with the Canaanites. This paper offers evidence of their origins. Hyksos.wps

Physical Descriptions Of Biblical Patriarchs / Influence Of Ancient Art : A 6 page paper that compares the Biblical descriptions of some of its major patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac, etc;) with the archaeological findings of the time, to support their descriptions. The writer attempts to show that archaeological findings, including art and sculpture, deny some of the representations in the Bible, including the advanced age of many of the patriarchs in Genesis, and the racial hereditary basis for characters like Esau. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Patriar.wps

Modern Patriarchy : An 11 page paper. Patriarchy progressively has moved from the realms of anthropological and sociological "quirk" to that of full-blown conspiracy, according to some modern authors. What these extreme feminist authors have failed to consider, however, is that patriarchy as a cultural norm seems perfectly natural in the cultures in which it is practiced, and that it is only those of other parts of the world who have any complaints. Even though patriarchy is ingrained in many cultures of the world, some of those cultures are facing the necessity of reassessing their positions, forced not by any commonweal thinking, but by physical realities. Somalia is used as an example. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Patriarc.wps

Collecting & Looting Antiquities : 5 pages in length. Temptation is a strong undercurrent for treasure hunters who seek to unearth the secrets of the past. Antiquities collecting may be a hobby for some but for most it is a prime opportunity to make money off precious historical artifacts. The constant looting at archeological sites has placed a huge burden upon officials who are trying desperately to preserve these keys to the ancient world. The writer addresses the problem of looting and relic hunting, paying particular attention to the scientific aspect. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Looting.wps

Why People Believe In Magic : A 10 page research paper which examines magical belief systems from an anthropological standpoint. The writer discusses the prevailing theories in this regard and demonstrates how magical beliefs perform certain concrete functions within the societies where this is prevalent. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Whypeop.wps

Biology & Behavior / Nature vs. Nurture : 9 pages on biologically determined behaviors and the nature vs. nurture controversy. Writer finds that many of our more common behaviors do indeed find their roots in biology. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Biolbeha.wps

Cultural Influence of World War I : A 10 page research paper on World War I's influence on art, literature and music. The writer describes the significance of World War I, the various art and literary movements, and the changes they led to. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Musicww1.wps

Walt Disney & The Culture He Created : This 8 page report examines "Disney Culture" in relationship to its founder, Walt Disney. The writer examines Disney’s mission statement, dress code, value system, theme park layout & landscape, and overall relevance to American culture. Recent controversies surrounding the organization are also included. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Disney.wps

The Effects of Ethnicity on the United States / More Negative Than Positive :
A 6 page research paper which discusses the way ethnicity has effected the United States. Background on when ethnicity began and how the melting pot occurred and what negative and positive effects ethnicity has had. Bibliography lists 4 sources is attached. Ethnicit.wps

The Simmering Melting Pot / Haitians & Cubans In the U.S.A. : A 6 page paper on the Cuban and Haitian boat people. The writer focuses on the plight of the Marielitos -- Cuban refugees who braved the treacherous waters of the Gulf in an attempt to reach America, where, they hope, they will be able to seek asylum from the oppression of their native land. Detailing the history of the first Marielitos, the paper then goes on to describe the different situation encountered by the "new Marielitos" and the problems they encounter in trying to assimilate into American society; a society that frequently wishes they would be returned to Cuba. Similar information is also examined with regard to Haitian refugees and their own unique problems in assimilating to American culture. Bibliography lists 6 sources.Melting2.wps

United States of America / Composite Culture or Melting Pot ? : A 3 page essay reflecting upon points made in an article which argues that America is not -- nor has it ever been -- identifiable by some consistently homogeneous culture. Instead, the country has historically retained its "melting pot" identity-- as explicated by the writer of this thoughtful essay and the article (s)he discusses. No Bibliography. Meltingp.wps

America Is No Longer A Melting Pot : 5 pages in length. It has long been said that the United States of America is a vast melting pot of various races, religions and heritages that make it one of the most culturally diverse populations in all the world. This blending of such culture has been credited with bringing societies closer together and allowing people to understand and accept other lifestyles other than their own. The writer discusses why this is no longer true; that while America may still house the greatest variety of peoples, it is no longer an educational or cultural melting pot. No additional sources cited. Meltpot3.wps

Multicultural Identities In American Society : A 4 page paper discussing the means used by various ethnic leaders to adapt to American society and culture. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Multicu23.wps

The Simpsons – A Cartoon Portrait Of The American Family : A 5 page paper discussing the FOX television network’s long running half-hour show "The Simpsons." The program’s characters are representative of American family life, American dreams and goals, and American humor. Bibliography lists four sources. Simp.wps

Interview With an Old Woman in New York : This 10 page paper provides a fictitious interview with a 75 year old woman who grew up in New York during the twenties. Her personal history relates to historical events in the city including the Triangle Factory fire and the Great Depression. The paper spans close to a century as the writer reflects on the interview conducted in 1979. No additional sources cited. Nylady.wps

Experiences Of Czech Immigrants In The U.S. : A 5 page paper discussing the experiences of Czech Republic immigrants in the United States. The writer examines the "push and pull" factors that resulted in their immigration and a number of the socio-economic factors that made them leave their homeland. Bibliography lists four sources. Czech.doc

German Immigration : A 5 page research paper into how German immigration affected every aspect of American life contributing such varied things as ideas which influenced U.S. universities, the first kindergartens, the Linotype machine, and lager beer. The writer’s gives an overview of German immigration that shows how it started during the colonial period and peaked in the early 20th-century. Bibliography includes 5 sources. Germimm.wps

The Impact Of Hippies On American Culture : A 5 page paper that reflects on the transformation of perspectives that occurred as a result of the hippie generation of the 1960s and 1970s. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Hippies.wps

Mexican - Americans & Nutritional Adaptation : A 5 page paper discussing the nutrition problems and adaptation in the American life. Also looks at the living/eating habits and the general problem they have adapting to American life. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Mexia2.wps

Carol Stack’s "Call To Home" As An Ethnography -- Blacks Return To The South : A 5 page paper examining anthropologist Carol Stack’s study of the phenomenon of blacks who fled the rural South for Northern cities, but now are moving back. The paper assesses the question of whether Stack’s book constitutes a true ethnography, and concludes that it does. No additional sources cited. Stack.wps

Educational Attitudes Of Caribbean Blacks / Gender Differences & Cultural Norms :
A 20 page paper that provides an overview of the attitudes of Caribbean (non-Hispanic) blacks and considers the implications for educational planning. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Educar.doc

Science, The Bell Curve, & Racism : A 14 page paper that presents the theory that science has been readily utilized as a means for promoting racism. This paper considers the impact of scientific findings in regards to ethnicity and the impact that these have on racism, especially in the United States. The Bell Curve is one example of recent racially-based scientific findings that have been challenged because of their jaded methodology. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Science.wps

The Story of Italian Immigrants and Their Lives in the New World : 5 pages in length. Written mostly in the first person, the writer of this essay examines reasons their family may have immigrated to the U.S. from Italy and complements all ideas provided with actual library research. Also explored are the opportunities and programs that aided immigrants of the early twentieth century in their struggle for a piece of the proverbial "American Dream." Bibliography lists 4 sources. Italimmi.wps

New Orleans / Cultural Gumbo! This 7 page research paper discusses the cultural diversity of New Orleans and how this diversity works to create a unique and exciting city so many years after it was first regarded as a haven rich with culture. Sociological factors and some historical discussions are integrated with present day attributes of the city. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Neworlea.wps

Southern History, Southern Family : A 3 page essay on southern family life. The writer discusses the relevance of family history in the way many southerners perceive themselves today. Race relations, culture, and other historical factors all contribute to the importance of family in this region of the Untied States. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Histsout.wps

Fabulous Flapper Fashions Of The "Roaring Twenties" : A 5 page paper discussing the fashions of the "Roaring ‘20s." A brief outline of the various styles is provided as well as speculation as to how the fashions served as reflections of the decade. The freedom of the styles was a reflection of the freedom of the age. Bibliography lists five sources. Flapper.doc

Fashion During the 1950's : 5 pages in length. A well-written essay in which the writer demonstrates how popular fashions of the 1950's reflected the sociocultural mood of that particular era. It is posited that fashions are always representative of the mindstate of the people who live in the era during which they are popular. T-shirts, boots, jeans, and black leather jackets are among the many examples provided of fashion during the fifties. Bibliography lists 7 comprehensive sources. Fashn50s.wps

The Amish People : 6 pages in length. This group is examined in terms of lifestyle, dress, use of technology and relationship to the larger society. Disputes with the United States government are highlighted in the areas of dress, education and military duty. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Amish.doc

Rock ‘n’ Roll & 20th Century American Culture : A 6 page research paper which examines the relationship between 20th century culture and rock n’ roll particularly in regards to how it expressed the sense of alienation and separation of a generation during the sixties. The writer demonstrates how the political philosophies of such composers as Bob Dylan were expressed in their music and how this, in turn, influenced the political environment of that time. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Musiceff.wps

Gender Roles and American Popular Culture : A 5 page essay on culture and gender roles. The writer details how education, popular culture, and advertising both reflect and create gender roles. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Genderol.wps

The Concept Of The Engineer In American Culture Analyzed : This 3 page research paper discusses how the technology of the Industrial Revolution introduced the "engineer" as a modern-day creative artist. Specifically discussed are the evolution of an engineer as the builder of bridges to contemporary genetic scientist. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Engneer.wps

Modern Society / Desensitized to Natural Beauties : 6 pages in length. A comprehensive look at the theories of Walker Percy -- who asserts that we, as a society, are desensitized so much by the media that naturally-aesthetic scenery & images cannot possibly seem as beautiful to us as they should. For example, we have already seen and heard so much about the Grand Canyon that going there for the first time would not necessarily be the same awe-inspiring experience for us that it was for people hundreds of years ago. Bibliography is unavailable. Percy.wps

Culture Shock : 5 pages in length. The writer is sent on a hypothetical excursion to a motorcycle rally where she is confronted with a massive dose of culture shock. Various methods are applied to help her overcome her discomfort with being in a strange and unfamiliar cultural environment. By the end, the writer determines that even though cultures may differ, there is enough room for everyone to be accepted. Bibliography lists 3 sources. CltrShck.wps

Gender and Self-Esteem : A 5 page paper on the topic of gender roles and self-esteem. The writer describes how society's expectations has influenced adolescents' perception of themselves. Genderes.wps

Homo Erectus : A 5 page research paper on Homo Erectus -- an early evolutionary version of human originally believed to have started in Africa, and now in Asia. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Homoerec.wps

Archaeotourism : A 12 page overview of archaeotourism, its effects on indigenous populations and archaeologically important sites. Compares archaeotourism to ecotourism and points out its benefits as well as its downfalls. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Archtour.wps

Food Fusion / Comparison Of Common Cuisine Across Two Cultures : Vietnamese and Turkish cuisine is discussed in the context of food fusion, a term used to describe the trend of combining foods from more than one culture. Bibliography lists 11 sources in this 15 page paper. Vietturk.wps

Culinary World as Status Symbol : A 4 page paper on how restaurants around the world and through time have stood as status symbols for social interactions and interpersonal identity. Particularly addressed are celeb restaurants which provide their patrons with a various set of identities related to social status. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Culicult.doc

Determining Yuppie Cuisine : A 4 page paper that addresses the diversity of yuppie tastes in the culinary scene and describes why it is impossible to define a cuisine for yuppies, except that it includes everything. The paper posits that this is true because yuppies are investigative and supportive of diverse cultures. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Yuppies.doc

The Latino Today : An 8 page paper discussing the Latino culture. The word Latino involves many different cultures such as Cuban, Puerto Rican, Mexican-American, Central/South American, and others. They have been a part of the history of the United States since its beginnings when there relatives, the American Indian, were trampled to the ground. Today there are many Latinos that have made a name for themselves as their adaptive nature illustrates. Various descriptions of their existence in the Untied States are discussed to give a better understanding of these diverse people. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Latino.wps

The Deaf & Hard Of Hearing As A Minority Group : An 8 page research paper exploring the deaf community. The writer argues the Deaf and Hard of Hearing should be considered a cultural minority group and offers evidence to support the premise. Different aspects of life for the Deaf are explored. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Deafmino.wps

Comparing Two Coins / Symbology Of Culture : A 5 page analysis of the symbolic content, similarities and differences, of a coin issued by Lysimachus and a U.S. Kennedy half dollar. No bibliography. Coincult.wps

Ice Cream / Cultural Symbol and Example of Good Business : A 6 page research paper in which the writer examines the phenomena of America's love for ice cream as well as some of the inner-working of companies such as Ben & Jerry's and the efforts that these mega-enterprises have made to ensure quality human resources and low turnover. Bibliography lists approximately 4 sources. Icecream.wps

Egypt & India / A Comparison Of Cultures : A 6 page outline of the cultural similarities between Egypt and India. Emphasis is placed on familial structure. Bibliography lists four references. Egyindia.wps

Homer’s "The Iliad" vs. Egyptian Burial Rituals : A 3 page comparison addressing the importance of body preservation and burial rites in the form of dressings, tombs and stones as it applies to the text and events in The Iliad. The paper particularly discusses the burial rites surrounding the heroes Hektor and Sarpedon in this regard. Bibliography lists 1 source. Gilg3.wps

Funeral & Death Rituals In Nigeria, India, & China : This 6 page research paper examines rituals surrounding death and funeral rites in these three countries. Bibliography lists six sources. Funeral.doc

The Tlingit Treatment Of Death : A 5 page examination of the rituals associated with death in nineteenth century Tlingit culture. The Tlingit people lived along the coast of Southeast Alaska which extended from the Canadian boundary to Yakutat Bay. In this report, emphasis is placed on body preparation, mourning, and the potlatch with respect to the traditions of this particular aboriginal culture. Bibliography lists four sources. Tlinget.wps

Native American Dress (With An Emphasis on Festive and Ceremonial Dress) :
A 9 page overview of Native American clothing styles. Emphasizes festive and ceremonial dress. stresses that the term Native American is very widespread in terms of the cultural and thus artistic diversity it encompasses and that art and dress styles vary not only with culture but with the particular time period which is being discussed. Bibliography lists 18 sources. Nadr.wps

Rites of Passage / Native Americans vs. Today’s Americans : A 7 page paper exploring the rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood. Three native cultures and their traditional rituals are compared (Okiek, Okrika, Tukuna) with one another and then with those of today’s modern teenager in America. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Rite.wps

Native American Mortuary Practices & Their Association with Culture :
A 30 page overview of the various mortuary practices and grave goods often associated with Native American burials and the ability to determine an individual’s culture and the societal organization of those who participated in the burial based on these practices and goods. Contrasts the burial practices of the Mandan and Sioux and provides information about the issue of repatriation and the importance of being able to demonstrate culture on the basis of burial information. Bibliography lists 16 sources. Nbury.wps

The Role of Extended Families in Black Culture : 5 page essay exploring the role of the extended family in Black families. Anecdotes as well as formal research studies are reported. The importance of the extended family which includes blood-related and nonblood-related persons cannot be overestimated for the African-American family particularly in helping the youth deal with prejudice. Bibliography lists 5 references. Blackfam.wps

India, China and Sub-Saharan Africa / A Brief Comparison : A 4 page research paper that looks at the culture of these three regions in the world. Two specific arenas are emphasized: the role of women and religion. Although distinct differences are present, there is a remarkable similarity between and among the three regions in both arenas. The writer suggests that part of the reason for similarities in the role of women is the religious beliefs that are predominant in each geographical region. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Subsah.wps

"Into the Heart" / A Book Review : A 3 page analytical reaction to Kenneth Good's book entitled "Into the Heart." The text is about Good's voyage to Venezuela where he studied the ways of the Yanomama tribe;-- a Stone Age group known as the "fierce people" whose customs are nothing short of surprising. No Bibliography. Intohart.wps

Cultural Change Among "Primitive" Cultures : A 7 page overview of cultural change as evidenced among those cultures which are defined as "primitive" as a result of interaction with other cultures. Provides a definition of "culture" and of the term "primitive." The writer uses specific examples from the Americas. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Primciv.wps

Trobriand Islanders Of Papua, New Guinea : This 8 page essay looks at the unique people of the Trobriand Islands and their culture. The Trobriands are southeast of Papua and are home to nearly 25,000 people. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Trobrian.wps

"Economics" In The New Guinea Highland : This 7 page research paper examines the tribal societies of the Highlanders of New Guinea as written about by ethnographer David M. Hayano in The Road Through the Rain Forest: Living Anthropology In Highland Papua New Guinea (1990). Specifically discussed are the concept of economics, distribution of labor and services, and wages. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Highland.wps

African Tribal Culture / Rites Of Passage : This 12 page paper focuses upon a number of African rites of passage as they pertains to young men. The Bushmen, Toma, Gisu, Makonde and Masai tribes are among those highlighted. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Rites.wps

African Marriage Customs : A 5 page research paper that explores different customs in practice. Lobola, bridewealth and customary laws are discussed and specific examples given from the Turkana people. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Afrmcust.wps

The Cattle-Complex Society Of The Barabaig : A 5 page essay on the part that cattle play in the society and culture of the Barabaig tribe of Tanzania. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Cattelco.wps

Journey of a Black Man from Liberia to the U.S. : 6 pages in length. An excellent report for those studying cultural anthropology. Based largely on an interview with a 53 year-old man who came to the U.S. from Liberia, the writer discusses language, culture, social structure, and political problems in Liberia and contains the interviewee's comments on the "absurd" racial tensions that exist in the U.S. between Whites and Blacks. No Bibliography. Liberian.wps

Women in Kenya : 6 pages worth of compiled research and information on the social role of women in Kenya, their high fertility rates, culture, and tradition. Insight is given into the socio-health related problems that exist and what is (or is not) being done to solve them. An interview with a woman from Kenya (who now lives in the U.S.) is cited. Bibliography lists 6 relevant sources. Kenyawmn.wps

Birth Twins & Synbolism In African Religion / The Dogon : A 6 page paper that provides an overview of twins in African religion and ritual, with a focus on both symbolic and birth twins in Dogon tribes. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Afrtwins.wps

African Tribal Groups / The Nuer and E.E. Evans-Pritchard : A 7 page paper that reviews Evans-Pritchard's perspectives on the culture, society, community, and kinship of the Nuer of the Southern Sudan. 1 source cited. Nuer.wps

Camara Laye’s "The Dark Child" / An Autobiographical Look At Africa :
A 5 page essay on this book which examines traditional tribal life in Africa. Darkchi.wps

The Xhosa People / Culture & Clash With Europeans : The Xhosa speaking nation in South Africa is second only to the Zulus in numbers. This 11 page report describes their location, society, history, culture, tradition, family life, etc.; The writer also covers historical tensions occurring between the Xhosa people and Europeans who came to the Cape. It is argued that the Xhosas' own lack of political unity, belief in mysticism, etc.;-- prevented them from being able to defend themselves successfully against the Europeans when conflict arose. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Xhosa.wps

Creoles : A 3 page paper on the Creole population. Among issues discussed are who are Creoles and who are Cajun, and when and where did they come from. Creole.doc

Chicano Culture in Contemporary Literature : A 7 page paper discussing contemporary Chicano literature as reflected in works by Anaya, Galarza, Rivera, and Hinojosa. The paper argues that current Chicanos are becoming increasingly more proud of their heritage and more comfortable with their ethnicity, and this shows in their literature. No sources. Chicano.wps

Mexican Culture-- Dia de los Muertos : A 5 page research paper on this traditional Mexican ceremony, Dia de los Muertos, or the "Day of the Dead," which has its roots in two cultures -- the ancient Aztec customs of Latin America, and the Spanish-Christian observance of All Saints Day on Nov. 1 and All Souls Day on Nov. 2. According to Aztec legend on the Day of the Dead, the dead are released from Mictlan -- the land of the dead -- to visit the living world and to mingle with friends and family. The writer explores the origins of this tradition and relates the various practices that are involved. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Mexcltr.wps

de la Barca's "Life in Mexico" # 2 : A 5 page paper based on an analysis of Frances Calderon de la Barca's Life in Mexico (early 19th century). The writer applies what is learned in the book to cover the life of a hypothetical Mexican criollo (Creole) during this time period. Full citation for the primary source is available. Mexico2.wps

de la Barca's Life in Mexico :
A 5 page paper on this book. The writer details aspects of Mexican life in the 19th century, such as clothing styles, households, religion, food, and differences in the social classes. Mexico.wps

Contrasts In Mexican & U.S. Culture : A 4 paper dealing with the cultural differences between Mexico and the United States. Deals with the importance of multiculturalism and intercultural exchanges. No bibliography. Mexus.wps

Page's "The Brazilians" vs. Greenberg's "Blood Ties: Life & Violence In Rural Mexico": These two works are compared and contrasted in a 4 page critical analysis. The writer emphasizes how violence in each society is portrayed. No other sources used. Brazil.Doc

Italian - Americans In The United States : This 11 page report examines many aspects of Italian immigration. Health, occupation and other issues are explored, including a look at Italian neighborhoods in the New York area. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Italamer.wps

Indo-Americans Propose Melting Pot Resolution : A 7 page piece that discusses two issues confronting Indo-Americans (Americans from India) today--discrimination and cultural identity. The paper provides an historical perspective on how diversity within the Indian community was created and what that means to the Indo-American community. In response to the identity crisis, the paper posits the call of some Indo-American leaders for the true formation of an American melting pot rather than strict ethnocism. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Indoamer.wps

"The Rise of David Levinsky" & "Our Country" / How They Relate to the American Immigrant Experience : A 7 page paper discussing the unsettling experience of the wave of immigrants during the turn of the century America and the effect it had on both immigrants and residents. No additional sources cited. Levinsky.wps

Comparing American & Polish Culture : A 5 page research paper briefly exploring the American and Polish cultures. The emphases in the essay include: religion, family, children and teenagers. There are far more similarities between the two cultures than one would expect given their respective political backgrounds. Extensive bibliography is included. Amerpoli.wps

The Female Breast in Historical Perspective : The subject is looked at in terms of biology, psychology, and culture in this 7 page paper. Modern American culture is compared to others around the world and issues such as breast feeding in public as well as laws which prohibit public nudity are discussed. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Breast.wps

Puerto Rican Migration & The Quest For Social Equality : Beginning with a history of reasons Puerto Ricans came to the mainland, this 15 page research paper delves into the psychology of today's new migrant and the need for empathetic social service programs. It is argued that Puerto Ricans can best be serviced by those who are of their own culture, or at least -- of their Latin-America background as it is difficult for anyone else to earn necessary trust. Suggestions and specific cultural examples are provided throughout. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Puetomi2.wps

Puerto Rican Migration / Push & Pull Factors : A 14 page examination of reasons why Puerto Ricans have flocked to the mainland U.S.A. since Puerto Rico became a territory. The early struggles endured by Puerto Ricans are described in considerable detail as are some of the system's failures in trying to advance the Puerto Rican community in America today. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Puetomig.wps

Puerto Ricans on the Mainland : A 10 page paper focusing on this topic. The writer looks at the impact on the US of Puerto Rican migration, and examines how this ethnic group has assimilated into the culture. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Pr.wps

Puerto Ricans & The Continuance of Inner-City Dwelling : This 9 page research paper looks at the socioeconomic reasons why Puerto-Ricans first chose their mainland homes in large U.S. cities like New York and continue to live there today despite suburban sprawl and the ability to move elsewhere. Social, cultural, and even psychological reasons are provided from an historic perspective. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Puetimi3.wps

Sexual Behaviors of the Amazon People : An in-depth 5 page review of Thomas Gregor's book entitled "Anxious Pleasures : Sex Lives of an Amazonian People. Practices, myths, and various aspects are explored in great detail. Amazonsx.wps

Arabian Women / Overcoming Traditional Barriers : A 5 page discussion of how women in the Middle East are finally beginning to transcend cultural restrictions and acquire rights that they never had before. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Arabwoma.wps

Jewish Reform Movement -- Ethics Movement : A 10 page paper on the Reform Jewish Movement that discusses immigration to the United States, and the background behind that immigration, including population statistics, contributions of the Reform Movement to American society in general and to its own membership--concentration on civil and human rights issues. It also discusses the Reform Movement's involvement in the creation of a world Jewry. Bibliography includes 10 sources. Reformje.wps

Ivory Coast Women : A 5 page research paper investigating women who live in Ivory Coast. Examples of women entrepreneurs are offered as well as a discussion about other women who are operating home-type businesses. Bibliography includes four references. Ivoryc.wps

Rudyard Kipling's "Kim" : 10 pages in length. A through discussion of character and setting in Rudyard Kipling's novel entitled "Kim" -- in which the writer describes the book as a realistic depiction of life and culture in India. A number of quotes from the book illustrate the writer's points and the primary source is cited in its own bibliography. Kipling.wps

Cultural Imperialism in India : A 5 page paper on this perceived 'threat' in India. America's Western influence has become imbedded in Indian culture, a situation that not everyone in India sees as a positive element. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Culimp.wps

Sikh Organization and Policy : A 7 page paper on the Sikh Organization that discusses how and why it was formed, how the country has responded to it, and what its influence is in the world today. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Sikh.wps

Tantric Tribes and Tantrism : A 7 page research paper in which the writer provides an overview of the tantric tribes of India and the impacts of tantrism on Buddhism and Hinduism. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Tantrist.wps

The Mayan Civilization Was A Vibrant & Flourishing World : This 6 page research paper provides an overview of the ancient Mayans of Mexico. Significant events in the civilizations history are noted. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Mayanc.wps

The Life and Customs of the People of Java : An 8 page paper discussing the island of Java, its people, its customs, and its societal mindset. The people of Java are Javanese first and Indonesian second. Bibliography lists six sources. Javapeop.doc

Women in Islam vs. Women in Hinduism : A 7 page paper comparing the lifestyles of these two groups of women. The writer explores the cultural and religious differeces and modern society's perceptions of their traditional roles. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Hinduisl.wps

Altruism & Proving The Theory of Kin Selection : A 4 page analytical examination of animal / insect altruism and the theory of kin selection first presented in the 1960's by Dr. W. Hamilton. The writer evidences the validity of kin selection through a discussion of honeybees, spadefoot tadpoles, etc; Good case examples are provided and excellent biological reference is included. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Kinselec.wps

The Kibbutz: An Analysis of Two Studies : A 9 page research paper on the Blasi and Rayman studies of the Israeli kibbutz. The writer details the theories, styles, and contents of the two works. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Kibbutz.wps

The Chickasaw Indians : A 15 page overview on the history and ways of the Chickasaw Indians. The writer describes the Chickasaw people in terms of culture, religion and also in relationship to the United States Government. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Chickasaw.wps

The Cherokee / Family Characteristics, Organization, and Values : A 6 page look at family structure and values in the Cherokees. Emphasis is placed on the clan system and on the family relationships imposed by that system. Bibliography lists three sources. Cherokee.wps

The Navajo Blessingway Ceremony : A 5 page paper exploring the Navajo Blessingway ceremony, the ritual and story tradition that forms the core of a major Navajo view. Bibliography lists four sources. Navajo.doc

Ceremonies of the Hopi and Havasupai / Contrasts & Similarities : A 10 page exploration of the similarities and differences in Hopi and Havasupai ceremony. Emphasizes the connection of the ceremonies with the land and environment of these groups. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Hopihav.wps

The Navajo / An Overview : A 6 page overview of the Dine, the Navajo. Includes history and contemporary status with information on such aspects as their religious, political and cultural configurations and how each of these is in a state of change. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Dinenav.wps

The Ceremonies Of The Hopi And The Havasupai / Changes Through Time :
A 10 page exploration of the similarities of Hopi and Havasupai ceremony. Emphasizes the connection of the ceremonies with the land and environment of these groups and notes the changes which have occurred in the ceremonial life of the Hopi and Havasupai cultures as a result of their contact with non-Natives. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Hopina.wps

The Sun Dance / A Sacred Native American Rituals : A 5 page overview of the Sun Dance. Includes specific information on the ceremony itself and how this ceremony and its connotations have changed over time. Also includes introductory material on the Battle of Little Big Horn and why Sitting Bull’s vision during the Sun Dance was instrumental in the outcome of the battle. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Sundance.wps

The Decline Of Traditional Southeastern Dance Among The Cherokee and Creek :
A 6 page review of the current status of dance among some groups of Southeastern Native Americans. Analyzes the shift in concentration from traditional dances such as the stomp dance to the modern day Pow Wow style dance among the Cherokee and the Creek. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Stompdnc.wps

Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota Indians / Family Tradition & Social Structure : A 10 page research paper in which the writer discusses the family traditions, social practices, and political organization of this Minnesota/Eastern Dakota tribe. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Nativein.wps

The Taino Indians -- One Of The First Cultures Destroyed By Europeans : An 8 page research paper on The Taino Indians-- a tribe that belonged to the Arawak culture of South America's tropical region. The writer describes the culture, philosophy, rituals & traditions of this group. A history of the Taino Indians under European conquest is presented and it is concluded that they were among the first tribes to be robbed of their culture by invading empires. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Tainoind.wps

Totem Poles : An 8 page paper that outlines the prevallence of totem poles in the cultures of the Native American Pacific Northwest. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Totem.wps

Totem Poles and the Pacific : A 5 page research paper detailing the importance of the Pacific Ocean to Native American Indian Culture. Bibliography lists four sources. Totempol.wps

Repatriation of the Native American Sacred Pipe : A 10 page overview of the Sacred Pipe, how it came to be, how in many cases it has been taken from the people. Gives an example of a recent repatriation of the Sacred Pipe to the Northern Cheyenne. Includes details regarding the ritualistic use of the pipe and of the care that goes into making it as well as the logistics of the repatriation movement and the obstacles Native Americans typically face in regaining one of their most cherished possessions. Includes an overview of the importance of the Sacred Pipe to other Native American cultures as well, especially the Lakota Sioux. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Piperep.wps

Centrifugal and Centripetal Forces and Culture : A 5 page paper that discusses how geographer Hartshorne's centrifugal and centripetal theories apply to the world today. Countries/ethnic groups visited in the discussion include: Canada, Europe, and Asia. The cultural ramifications discussed include: economic, geographic religious and political. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Centrigv.wps

Social Anthropology / Observations of Homosexuals : A 3 page essay in which the writer reflects upon a one-time experiment-- purposefully observing the style, dress, mannerism, and subculture of homosexuals in New York City's Greenwich Village. Reported on is simply what was seen and observed.. The writer concludes that we cannot make assumptions about people based upon their sexuality and that homosexuals are "people before they are anything else." No Bibliography. Homoobs.wps

Eskimo Essays : A 10 page paper discussing Fineup-Riordin’s book from an ethnographic standpoint. Discusses the Yup’ik Eskimos from the various facets of their lifestyles: religious, mythological, and warring. Bibliography lists 1 source. Eskimo.wps

The Sarakatsani Of Mesopotamia & Modern Gypsies in Rome : In this 12 page paper, the writer provides an overview of the Sarakatsani of Mesopotania, -- who are the forebearers of contemporary Gypsies in Rome. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Gyprome.wps

Understanding Other Cultures : A 5 page research paper on how we understand other cultures. The writer describes the concept of culture, the fact that experience is the only way to understand one another, and the use of nonverbal cues and situational frameworks help us to understand one another. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Cultund.wps

Pre - 1500 Asia / Cultural Change : A 6 page paper discussing the definition of culture and the factors which interacted to result in cultural change in relation to pre 1500 Asia and its interface with the European world. No bibliography. Pre1500.wps

The Westernization Of Japan : A 4 page research paper discussing the Westernization of Japan. In the mid-1800s Samurai who were in the low ranks became dissatisfied with the feudal system and wanted to modernize Japan. A revolution occurred and the Meiji era began. The Shogunate was abolished and Westernaization began in a rather wholesale fashion. One aspect of Westernization the Japanese people feared was imperialistic power and, in fact, the Meiji government did find itself in the midst of what they feared. Wholesale adoption of Western ways was ended in 1912. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Japanwe.wps

Youth Sports Structure / Japan vs. the United States : A 5 page essay comparing the structure of youth sports in Japan to the structure of youth sports in the United States, concentrating primarily on the schooling period that equates to middle- and early secondary school in the United States. Japanese students operate on a modified year-round school schedule and the school days are much longer than those of the U.S. In addition, more than half of the students of middle school age also attend private tutoring classes five and six nights each week, and three hours of homework daily from the public school is common. Japanese students have little time for sports activities of any kind, and the structures between the two countries are very different. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Ythsport.wps

Professional Sports / Japan vs. the United States : A 5 page essay comparing the professional sports of Japan and the United States. Though almost every Japanese citizen follows their traditional sport of sumo wrestling, the growth of baseball in popularity and following in recent years has led even the Japanese to refer to it as the national sport. Nearly a mirror image of its American counterpart in administrative structure, it has allowed Japan to add another, unexpected, export: professional baseball players to U.S. teams. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Prosport.wps

A Music Ethnography Of the Bluegrass Group "Intermountain Acoustics" : An 8 page paper discussing a group of five musicians who form "Intermountain Acoustics," a bluegrass group. Consists of notes and observations. Blueg.wps

Non-Verbal Communications / A Definitive Overview : An 8 page research paper in which the writer explains the concept of non-verbal communications as it exists with respect to class and culture. Hand gestures, body English," facial expressions, and more -- are among the many forms of non-verbal communication explored. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Nonverb2.wps nonverbal

Are Non-Verbal Communications In-Born or are They Learned ? : An 8 page look at non-verbal communications (i.e., gestures, motions, batting eyelashes, etc;) and the importance of realizing that different groups of people may interpret them in different ways. The primary focus of this particular report, however, is to analyze the controversy over whether most non-verbal communication activities are in-born traits or learned activities. Various issues and studies are explored to help answer this very question and arguments seem to lean strongly in favor of the 'in-born side' for certain non-verbal communications while some lean strongly in favor of the "learned" side for other examples of non-verbal communication. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Nonverbl.wps nonverbal

Cultural Comparison of Non-Verbal Communications / Ghana vs. U.S.A. : A 5 page paper on non-verbal communications in Ghana (Africa) as compared with those in the United States. Ways to convey interest, arouse attention with facial expressions, make motions & gestures, communicate mood or attitude with clothing, etc; are examined. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Nonvergh.wps nonverbal

Non-Verbal Environments & Business-Related Productivity :An in-depth, 20 page look at non-verbal environments and their impact upon us. The writer specifically examines how background & foregrounds, windowless environments, weather, odors, etc; can either positively or negatively impact productivity in the business world. Bibliography lists approximately 20 scholarly sources. Nonverb3.wps nonverbal

Men, Women, & Differences in Non-Verbal Communication : In this 2 page essay, the writer observes differences between men and women in non-verbal communication patterns & habits.. Among other things, it is concluded that men are generally more expressive with their hands than their female counterparts ! No Bibliography. Menwomen.wps

Smiling & Contemporary Society / Issues In Non-Verbal Communication : In this thoughtful 7 page essay, the writer discusses the meaning of smiling in modern American society and it how it functions differently for different people as an example of non-verbal communication. Of particular interest, is the difference between genders : men are often ridiculed if they smile "too much" whereas women are expected to smile constantly. Some cross-cultural comparisons are also made between perceptions of situational smiling in the United States and Europe. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Smiling.wps

Clothing As Communication : Communication as expressed by clothing is explored in this 6 page paper. The fact that clothing is a nonverbal communicator is discussed in terms of its use in business practice as well as in daily life. Different styles of dress by generation and subculture is also pertinent to the paper as well as clothing as an expression of gender and sexuality. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Clothing.wps

The Art of Prevarication / A Cultural Perspective -- Why People Lie : An 8 page research paper which examines when, where, and why people lie. The writer demonstrates that lying is an intrinsic part of Western culture in many areas. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Lieart.wps

Looking At The Past For Answers To The Future / The Culture Of Ancient Rome : This 10 page paper examines social problems of today in comparison with those of Ancient Rome's. An historical overview is first provided that concentrates on the rule of Julius Caesar. Facts about Ancient Rome are gleaned from a variety of sources, inclusive of the art work the ancient world is famous for. An intense examination of this early culture concludes that they study of the ancient world is relevant to us today. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Ancrome.wps

Sociology of Humans & Animals : Using 3 relevant sources, this 5 page essay discusses how similar apes and humans are from a socio-psychological perspective. Author makes the argument that apes should be treated just as humanely as ourselves. Apebook.wps

Cannibal Culture / Addressing The Similarities & Differences Of Culture : A 12 page paper that provides an analysis of the issues that differentiate culture and also demonstrate similarities. This paper is based primarily on the work of Deborah Root, but also focuses on other anthropological perspectives on the progression of cultural norms. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Cannroot.wps

Jim McGuigan's Culture & The Public Sphere : A 12 page paper that provides an overview of McGuigan's work and then also considers the implications of his work through a critique in terms of its application. Bibliography lists no additional sources. Mcguigan.wps

Wonderment / Our Desire To Know And The Sciences : A 6 page look at mankind's burning need to know. The question of whether or not the answers to our questions, i.e. the body of knowledge which we refer to as science, has left us no room for future wonderment. No bibliography. Wonderme.rtf

The Art & Ritual Of Stiltwalking : A 5 page paper examining the art and history of walking on stilts. The writer is particularly concerned with stiltwalking rituals and the value that they have held for various cultures. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Stilts.wps

Three Documentaries Look At Primitive Cultures : A 6 page analysis of three documentaries which examine primitive cultures-these are, "Dead Birds," "Onka’s Big Moka," and "Cannibal Tours." The writer shows how each reveals something dark about human nature rather then the innocence which modern man would like to fantasize exists in such societies. Primcult.wps

Documentary - "The Kawelka: Ongka's Big Moka" (1976) Analyzed : This 2 page paper examines the Kawelka tribal people of Papua, New Guinea in terms of their gift giving ritual featured in the 1976 film, The Kawelka: Ongka's Big Moka. Specifically discussed is what civilized man can learn by observing a supposedly uncivilized culture. No bibliography. Bigmoka.wps

Documentary - "Cannibal Tours" (1987) Analyzed : This 2 page research paper analyzes the documentary film, Cannibal Tours (1987), based upon the cultural exchange between a group of German tourists and the natives living along the Sepik River of Papua, New Guinea. Specifically discussed are how director Dennis O'Rourke makes effective use of humor and irony in recounting the ethnographic tale. No bibliography. Cannibal.wps

Documentary - "Dead Birds" (1964) Analyzed : This 2 page paper examines the 1964 ethnographic film, "Dead Birds," which features the primitive Dani tribe of Western New Guinea and its relevance in the study of cultural anthropology. No bibliography. Deadbird.wps

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