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Air Pollution : A 6 page paper presenting a general overview of air pollution. Causes and effects are discussed both in laymen's terms and with some chemical references. Bibliography contains 4 sources. Airpollu.wps

Air Pollution # 2 : A 6 page paper on this environmental problem. Causes of pollution in the atmoshere as well as possible solutions are explored. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Pollut.wps

Drinking Water Quality : A 6 page research paper which examines the problem of whether or not U.S. drinking water is safe. The writer first defines the problem, and then looks at what is being done at the state and national level to keep the public informed as to the quality of their drinking water, and what possible solutions might be implemented to help control water quality. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Drinkwat.wps

The Hoover Dam : This 10 page paper provides an overview of the Hoover Dam, including its history, construction and present state. Also included is information on water power in general as well as environmental issues. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Hdam.rtf

Effects Of Agriculture On The Mississippi River: In 8 pages, the Mississippi River is discussed with special attention paid to the effects of agriculture on the river. Bibliography lists 19 sources. Missr.wps

River Pollution, Causes & Solutions : A 5 page essay on the causes of river pollution and some of the solutions that are being implemented to cope with the problems. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Riverpol.wps

Water Pollution / Problems and Solutions : A 9 page paper on the problems facing the world, and particularly the U.S., in regards to water pollution. The paper concentrates on streams, surface and ground water pollution and the most likely polluters of those waters. The solutions addressed include cooperative efforts, educational efforts, technology and changes in the law. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Wpol.wps

Salt Water Intrusion / An Overview : A 5 page overview of the environmental problem of saltwater intrusion. Provides details of occurrences currently being experienced in Florida. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Swintrus.wps

Automobiles & The Environment : A comprehensive 15 page discussion of the historic role that cars have played in polluting our atmosphere. The writer brings us up-to-date with an in-depth look at various fuel alternatives, the possibility of electric cars, and so forth. Numerous case examples and statistical information are provided. Bibliography lists more than 15 sources. Carsenvi.wps

Environmentally Sound Alternatives to Gas / Replacement Fuel : A well-written 6 page research paper discussing some of the possible alternatives to using gasoline in cars. The writer details the scope of this environmental problem, its history, and then elaborates each of the possible solutions (electric cars, etc;) and makes recommendations. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Gasprob.wps

Alternatives To Gas # 2 : 5 pages in length. With fossil fuels rapidly depleting, the world has had to devise alternative methods by which to fuel various gas-powered machinery. Few options appear to be as workable as electricity and hydrogen fuel cells, yet there exist significant shortcomings to even the best alternative. The writer talks about these two sources of alternative fuel, including both their advantages and disadvantages. Bibliography included. Gas3.wps

Gas Pipeline : A 7 page research paper on how laws, political and legal actions, and resources all come together in the gas and pipeline industries. The writer provides information on Montana, North Dakota and briefly outlines the legal and political ramifications of the Exxon oil spill. A computerized pipeline surveillance and operating system is also reviewed. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Gaspipe.wps

Corporations ARE Endangering the Environment : A 5 page paper discussing the a few of the realities concerning the corporate world and the environment. Although many people may be under the delusion that pollution and the damaging of the environment is under control through rules, regulations, and human conscience many corporations are still involved in acts which damage the environment. A situation on the border of the United States and Mexico is addressed as well as the still present problem of deforestation both here and abroad. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Endcorp.wps

Businesses’ Pollution Control Costs : A 5 page essay on some of the costs faced by businesses in bringing themselves into compliance with existing and ever-expanding environmental regulations. The Clean Air Act of 1990 was in itself expected to become the costliest set of regulations ever to have been imposed on America’s companies, but its expansion, announced last year with EPA enforcement to begin just after the turn of the century promises to put another bite on U.S. businesses that may prove to be the last regulation they can bear. Though some industry leaders try to turn the regulations into advantages for their companies, many already have all they can do to simply compete in today’s business climate without additional, expensive regulations. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Pollute.wps

Pollution Control : A 4 page paper examining the "best" means for controlling the growth of pollution in any country—whether industrialized or developing. The paper briefly discusses air and water pollution, but concentrates more on the growth of the world’s human population. Developing countries with burgeoning population centers have tried varying methods of controlling their population growth with little success, and the paper concludes that the most effective means of control is through education. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Pollute.DOC

Environmental Ethics as Profitable : A 12 page paper discussing the feasibility of businesses making a profit while still maintaining environmental ethics. Hypothetical circumstances are detailed as well as actual companies. Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is described in detail illustrating the fact that environmental issues need not be a financial loss to a company. The importance of having environmental ethics is also detailed throughout. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Ethprof.wps

Environmental Auditing / ISO 14000 : This 8 page paper discuses the requirements of ISO 14001, which is the Environmental Management Systems Auditing process for companies. This new series, ISO 14000, will be a far reaching set of standards which will dramatically change the way companies address environmental issues. Although voluntary, international demand will result in companies who want to do business on a global basis to become certified. The paper discusses different aspects of this set of standards as well a brief overview for reasons this was necessary and why it will impact global marketing. Bibliography lists 8 sources. ISO14000.wps

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill / Environmental Consciousness : An 8 page research paper that explores Exxon's responsibility, both legal and moral, for the oil spill that occurred in 1989. Discussion includes a brief recount of the incident, legal and ethical issues, and concludes by suggesting that Kant was right -- laws must be made to assure businesses conduct themselves in ethical ways, thus laws to protect the environment must be stricter. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Exvaldez.wps

Cadmium In The Environment : A 10 page paper discussing the effects of environmental cadmium. Cadmium is a naturally occurring element, a heavy metal found in conjunction with iron, zinc and copper ores. Once used heavily in electronics manufacturing and believed not to affect the water supply, research has discovered that cadmium does indeed leach through the soil, affecting both ground and surface water. It can be taken up by plants growing in contaminated soil and then ingested by humans. Cadmium is cumulative in its effects, and the dangers of long-term, low-level exposure include cancer, kidney disease and reproductive problems, and may also contribute to other physical conditions. Bibliography lists 32 sources. Cadmium.doc

Waste Minimization : This 20 page paper asserts that waste minimization is the most effective form of compliance for any corporation. The necessity for compliance, based on public health and environmental reasons, are explored. Also included is the history of industrial practices and the environmental movement as well as an explanation of how waste lowers the quality of life. Detailed methods of effecting minimization, along with easy to understand examples and the inclusion of the "waste management hierarchy", is a focal point of the paper. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Wastemin.wps

Population Dynamics Of Northern Ecosystems In Relation To Nutrient Application/ A Research Proposal : A 7 page examination factors which influence the ecological structure of northern ecosystems, one of which is nutrients such as those observed with the application of treated domestic wastewater. Outlines a proposal for evaluating the effects of nutrients on ecosystem dynamics. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Popdyn.wps

Restoration of Ecology : A 7 page paper discussing techniques for restoring damaged ecological systems after disaster. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Resteco.wps

The Clean Air Act & The Chemical Products Industry : A 15 page paper. In an effort to be responsible corporate citizens and to remain one step ahead of forced regulation such as that overseen by the Environmental fcy (EPA), the chemical products industry and chemical manufacturers trade associations have adopted "Responsible Care." The motto is "Don’t trust us, track us." EPA is approaching attainment of the requirements of the 1996 additions to the 1990 Clean Air Act with common sense. Combined with the commitment of the chemical products industry, there is real progress underway to total attainment by the target date of 2002, and many of the world’s countries are already adopting variations of the programs. Bibliography lists sixteen sources. Chemist.wps

Hazardous Waste / The Problem & Its Potential Solutions : A 10 page overview of the problem of hazardous waste and current methodologies for treatment. Emphasizes bioremediation of contamination using bacteria and safe disposal of nuclear wastes. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Hazwas.wps

Beach Erosion : 4 pages on Beach Erosion; its recent history, progression, costs etc;. Goes into detail about reasons for the erosive process. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Beachero.wps

Miami Beach / Land & Coastal Survey : 5 pages in length. A thorough analysis of the Miami Beach area in which the writer attempts to evaluate dangers of coastal erosion and human influence in order to determine feasibility as a resort. Vegetation, humidity, definition of the barrier coast, and offshore fishing are among the many items discussed. Recommendations are made for municipal government funding of new sea walls to better protect the area from further erosion. The writer concludes, however, that very little danger ultimately exists. No Bibliography. Miamires.wps

Physical Geography and Socio-Environmental Responsibility : A 14 page research paper on this science of global environmental change. The writer defines physical geography, presents an historical overview of it, and attempts to explain reasons for physical geography's neglect of certain relevant social issues concerning the environment. It is noted that this example represents a basic misunderstanding of the relationship between science and the philosophy of science. Contemporary perspectives and a look at the future direction of physical geography are provided as well. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Physgeog.wps

Is Environmental Activism Effective ? : This 10 page paper gives an overview of the environmental activism movement and the issues it addresses. It also looks at the question of whether or not environmental activism is effective and in what ways. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Enviroa.wps

The Quest For A Sustainable Future : 12 pages in length. The writer discusses the environmental issue of a sustainable future. The history of the problem, the definition of sustainable development, the quest for a sustainable future, problems facing the environment, and the role of the government in sustainable future are mapped out. Future.wps

The Black Triangle / The Relationship Between Technological Development and Environmental Impact: A 5 page paper that provides an overview of environmental conditions in the Black Triangle [in Europe] and relates them to technological and industrial development. Bibliography lists 5 source. Blacktr.wps

Environmentally Friendly Technology : A 20 page research paper which examines how technological innovation is working to clean up the environment. The writer argues that technology is succeeding in this goal by citing numerous industries that have developed "green" technologies for this purpose. This paper also speculates that strict environmental regulations, such as those which have been so successful in Germany, would result in U.S. industry choosing environmentally friendly technology and a research study is proposed to test this hypothesis. Bibliography lists 20 sources. Frentech.wps

Plastics & The Resin Identification Code / The Case of Ford Motors : A 5 page paper on the Resin Identification Code-- the system responsible for putting symbols on plastic items which are then used as a guideline by which to judge specific types of plastic used for recycling. A specific case example at the Ford Motor Company is given to illustrate how large corporate entities are pitching in and recycling their plastic. The Resin Identification Code simplifies this process for them. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Plastic2.wps

Plastics & The Resin Identification / Chemical Processes for Recycling : 5 pages in length. A look at how different categories of plastic -- separated by the Resin Identification Code -- are distinguished and recycled by the Heinz Company. Goodyear, DuPont, and other companies are mentioned as well. The scientific processes for melting down and re-using different plastics are discussed in considerable detail (i.e.., depolymerization systems). Bibliography lists 4 sources. Plastic3.wps

Recycling / Cost Analysis : A 10 page sentence outline on the subject of recycling with special consideration of cost analysis and environmental impacts. 50 sources cited. Recycle.wps

Recycling Is Easy, Rewarding and the "Right Thing to Do" : This 5 page paper presents an argument in the favor of recycling – its benefits, rewards, and ultimate outcomes. Bibliography included. Easyrewd.wps

Recycling Of Natural Resources : A 5 page overview of recycling. Emphasizes that while some natural resources can be recycled others are not recyclable and sometimes limited in amount. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Recnat.wps

Natural Gas / World Energy Supply : This 7 page research paper discusses issues concerning natural and other gases as world energy supplies. Inherent benefits, risks, dangers, and advantages over other energy sources are all examined. It is concluded that as an energy source, natural gas is not as widely used as are other types. Nevertheless, the availability of natural gas assures humankind a huge source of nonpolluting energy for the future. Bibliography lists 4+ sources. Worlener.wps

Oil / A Nonrenewable Resource : A 10 page overview of oil, our overdependence on it, and the environmental impacts which occur as a result of its utilization. Emphasizes that the answer to dwindling oil reserves and the adverse environmental impacts which are attributed to its utilization is alternative lifestyles and energy sources. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Oilcons.wps

Oil Pollution Act 1990 : This 12 page research paper investigates the OPA 90 and its effects. Discussion includes major points in the Act and its effects on shipbuilding, on the owners and operators of tankers, storage facilities and the number of oil spills that occurred following the Act's passage. Statistics are reported regarding average number and volume of spills for the thirteen years preceding the Act and the two years following the Act. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Oilact.wps

Solar Power & Its Role In Environmental Sustainability : This 12 page paper provides an overview to the development, use, and sustainability of solar energy. Economic issues of solar power are also discussed. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Solarpow.wps

Solar Energy : 5 pages in length. With fossil fuels inching their way out of existence within the next century, there is a great need for alternative and renewable energy sources. Solar energy meets all the criteria, because it is renewable and available to everyone across the globe. The writer discusses the pros and cons of solar power, as well as offers economic comparisons with traditional energy sources. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Esolar.wps

Geothermal Power : A 10 page overview of geothermal power. Contrasts the efficiency and environmental compatibility of this power source with other sources particularly with that of oil. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Geopower.wps

Archaeotourism : A 12 page overview of archaeotourism, its effects on indigenous populations and archaeologically important sites. Compares archaeotourism to ecotourism and points out its benefits as well as its downfalls. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Archtour.wps

Ecotourism -- Right or Wrong ? : A 6 page paper on the debate over ecotourism -- the principle under which individuals with at least some discretionary income are encouraged to visits environmentally-sensitive areas under the hope that they will be compelled to contribute money. Although some arguments are presented showing ecotourism’s positive benefits, the overall conclusion of the paper is that ecotourism is intrinsically intrusive. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Ecotour.wps

Environmental Ethics & The Lumber Industry : A 12 page paper that provides an overview of the literature concerning the lumber industry and their unethical environmental practices, including clear-cutting. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Lumber.doc

Environmental Law & Society : This 7 page paper addresses the issues surrounding environmental law, particularly in relationship to the business community.

The problems created by landfills and incenerators are noted as well as the difficulty in reaching environmentally friendly solutions. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Envlaw.wps

The Everglades : A 6 page paper looking at the controversy over sugar farming in the Everglades and analyzes why it is important to us to preserve our environment and fragile ecosystems. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Evergal.wps

Water In The Everglades : A 5 page paper on the economic and environmental issues in Florida as they pertain to the Everglades National Park The paper talks about the problems and discusses what's currently being done about it. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Everglade.doc

Marketing’s Environmental Impact : A 11 page research paper examining marketing’s tendency to focus only on short-term gains from advertising as it relates to environmental advertising. Though no clearly-defined environmental advertising standards exist, states’ attorney-generals have had success in controlling blatantly deceptive environmental claims in advertising, basing their charges on the long-standing requirements for truth in advertising. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Envmktg.wps

Marketing’s Environmental Impact / Book Review : A 7 page essay examining environmental marketing. This paper’s approach is consistent with Theodore Levitt’s definition of the purpose of business (as presented in Levitt’s1983 publication, "The Marketing Imagination". According to Levitt, any business exists solely for the purpose of creating and keeping a customer. The purpose is not to produce as much as possible, or even to make as much money as possible. Levitt contends that if a business Keeps the customer; the profits will follow. No additional sources cited. Myopia.wps

Economic Impact of Industrial Pollution in Korea : 10 pages in length. The UN says that "trade has the potential to contribute to the highest possible level of global sustainable development, but only if social and environmental aspects are considered along with economic benefits. Attention has thus increasingly turned to the significant impacts of trade on the environment." Korea has the distinction of combining environmental awareness with common sense and an economic slant; Korea’s approach would seem to represent the best of all worlds. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Koreaenv.wps

Environmental Accounting : A 12 page paper in which the writer examines the increasingly necessity for effective environmental accounting in light of changing policies in support of environmental accountability. As the national trend moves towards "green accounting," many companies, especially high impact firms in the oil industry, have had to concentrate greater efforts towards their processes of envirnomental accounting. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Envacc.wps

New Jersey Brownfields & Site Remediation Act : An 8 page overview of the New Jersey Brownfields and Site Remediation Act, its history, intent, liability, incentives and limitations. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Njbrownf.wps

Native American Land Ethics vs. The European Abuse Of Land : An 18 page discussion contrasting environmental land ethics of two different cultures. The question of whether such differences are an innate part of the Native American culture is addressed. Numerous sources cited. Nativela.wps

Cleaning Up Waste at the Fernauld Nuclear Site : A 9 page paper on the Fernauld Nuclear Site located outside of Cincinnati, OH, U.S.A. The writer goes into great detail about the site's background, budgeting, and mission. The primary focus of the essay, however, is upon environmental waste problems and proposed clean-ups using very specific examples. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Fernauld.wps

Dioxin / The Seveso Italy Accident : A 5 page overview of the problems associated with dioxin contamination as based on studies of the well-documented 1976 explosion of a chlorine manufacturing plant in Seveso Italy. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Dioxin.wps

Fire Ants -- Environmental / Agricultural Desturction In The U.S. : An 11 page paper discussing fire ants. The writer explains what is being done to combat the dangerous and destructive insects. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Fireants.wps

Ticks & Their Impact On Agriculture : A 10 page overview of ticks, their population dynamics, and their impact on agricultural activities. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Ticks.wps

Should The Government Spray Marijuana Fields With Paraquat ? : A 10 page paper addressing this question. The writer details the effects of paraquat when people are exposed to it and cites a number of health-related reasons evidencing that this practice is a hazardous one. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Paraquat.wps

The Use Of Pesticides : A 9 page examination of pesticides and their use in agricultural, land management, and disease control. The writer emphasizes types of information which are needed for the determination of whether a proposed pesticide application regime is sound or whether existing application programs are exhibiting adverse human health or environmental impacts. Bibliography lists six sources. Pest.wps

Controversy Over The Use Of Pesticides : A 7 page research paper discussing the controversial issue of using pesticides including : what are pesticides, why they are used, and the effects of not using some sort of pest control on food production and the food industry. Bibliography is included. Pesticid.wps

Environmental Regulation Of Pesticides / Two Different Perspectives : A 10 page overview of the effects of examples of environmental regulations which pertain to businesses, particularly of pesticide regulations. Emphasizes that regulations are implemented to protect not only the environment but also human health and welfare. Emphasizes the role businesses have in the formation and change of environmental regulations. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Envreg.wps

The Great Barrier Reef / Physical Issues & Human Influence : An 8 page research paper on the Great Barrier Reef located off the northeastern coast of Queensland, Australia. For the most part, the writer discusses the formation of barrier reefs (in general), and the size, scope, and inhabitants of the Great Barrier Reef in particular. Human impacts, tourism, nutrients, algae, pollution, sediments, and various other elements of the reef's environment are discussed as well. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Reefgrea.wps

Coral Reefs & The Florida Keys : 4 pages in length. A brief, but comprehensive discussion of Coral Reefs and the ecological problems they face in the Florida Keys. Human factors are considered and some insight into the future is provided. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Coralree.wps

Coral Reef Ecosystems & The Florida Keys : 5 pages in length. A technical look at coral reefs and ecosystems in the Florida Keys. Food chains, biomass, and various other pertinent issues are touched upon. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Coralre2.wps

The Science of Oceanography & The Job of Oceanographers : A complete 12 page research paper defining oceanography and explaining its various forms and sub-headings. Each type of oceanography is discussed and a look at some of the problems faced by oceanographers is presented. Of particular importance to the discussion is the fact that funding from the National Science Foundation has remained relatively "flat" for many years. **Case studies regarding ocean drilling, global warming, and various environmental issues are presented to illustrate the importance of increasing funding for oceanographers. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Oceanog1.wps

The Consequences Of Ground Water Withdrawal : A 7 page examination of groundwater overdraft. Incudes information on environmental degradation and contamination, cones of depression, salt water intrusion and other impacts. Bibliography lists five sources. Grndwatr.wps

Zebra Mussels / Biological & Ecological Issues : This 7 page research paper describes the arrival of zebra mussels on the North American continent as well as some projected figures for their spread. The writer describes the biology of these small, inedible shell fish and then explains some of the negative effects they can have on aquatic systems. Since phytoplankton and detritus consumed by tiny animals called zooplankton which in turn are eaten by small fish and these small fish by larger fish, biologists seem concerned that zebra mussels' tendency to eat the same items could damage established food chains by removing needed energy from its bottom level. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Zebramus.wps

The History of the Florida Panther : A 14 page paper that provides an overview of the history of the Florida panther. This paper looks at the social and political issues relative to the decline in panther populations in Florida and outlines current means for reintroduction and habitat preservation options. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Panther.wps

Tigers / Endangered Species Or Prolific Predator : A 5 page paper that considers the two differing perspectives on tigers that have been argued during the call to place them on the endangered species list. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Tigers.doc

Wild Boar Habitation & Mount Diablo California : A 7 page paper that presents the issues of wild boar habitation on the Diablo Range, especially Mount Diablo, in central California. This paper presents the issues relative to vegetation destruction caused by the wild boar and suggests a number of ways in which to address these issues to support environmental efficacy. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Wildboar.wps

Conservation & The Redwood Forest : An 8 page paper that discusses the conservationist and economic arguments concerning the redwood forest in Northern California. The paper further looks at the environmental, financial and psychological arguments behind redwood forest issues, and relates the available conservation efforts that, if used, could save the forests for future generations. Future generations not only refers to the people who enjoy the forests for recreation and profit, but the world of people who benefit from its natural air-cleansing properties. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Redwoodf.wps

Deforestation : A 10 page overview of the environmental and humanistic impacts of deforestation. Stresses the tremendous biodiversity of forested systems and their existing and potential value to mankind. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Defor.wps

Deforestation # 2 : A short, yet comprehensive 4 page essay on deforestation that explores the problem, its roots, and its potentially devastating impact on our future. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Deforest.wps

The Importance of Protecting Rainforests : A 6 page paper outlining the necessity for protection of the rain forests. The writer presents the argument that rainforests are diverse biomes containing millions of species of plant and animal life and need to be protected. These habitats are quickly diminishing and the affects of their loss are long term and some are irreparable. Plans must be made to promote management of these habitats, and these plans must incorporate the needs of the communities surrounding them. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Rainfore.wps

Rainforest Depletion -- A Man-Made Problem : A 6 page paper on the issue of the depletion of the rainforest in Malaysia, Africa, and South America. The writer provides background on the ecological implications of rainforest destruction, and focuses on the economic reasons the forests have come to be depleted in the first place. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Forest.wps

The Brazilian Rainforest : A 6 page overview of the environmental importance of the Brazilian Rainforest and its status as a world "hot spot" for environmental destruction. Identifies logging and agricultural activities as the primary impacts to the rainforests and outlines recent efforts to curb these impacts. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Brazrain.wps

Depletion of Grasslands : A 10 page paper that explores the issue around the depletion of grassland in the United States. The writer argues that the answer to the problem was identified in a study conducted in the Middle America (Jornado Project), and that that resolution is prescribed burning of brush to revitalize grassland areas. The paper provides two projects that are incorporating that process. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Grasland.wps

Utah Wilderness : This 3 page report gives a very brief overview of the controversy surrounding the Utah wilderness issue. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Utah.doc

Controlled Burns / Implications Of Fire As A Management Tool To Aspen

(Populus Tremuloides) & Associated Rangelands : A 12 page exploration of the role of fire in ecological management. Particular emphasis is placed on the effects of fire on Aspen trees and their associated rangeland. Bibliography lists twelve sources. Firecol.wps

Minimalizing The Effects Of "Environmental Management" On Wilderness : A 5 page page paper discussing the impact of environmental management on wilderness areas and the integrity of wilderness. Bibliography lists eight sources. Envmgmt.wps

Plant Pharmacopoeia / Rainforest Depletion & Its Impact On Medicine : A 6 page paper in which the writer discusses deforestation as a threat to medicinal plants and the protective measures employed by various groups; and a discussion of eleven (recently discovered) plants and/or their medical derivitives, including taxol. The paper postulates that protecting these medicinal plants is imperative through ethics, and even the passage of more laws. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Pharmaco.wps

Yellowstone National Park / Peoples' Respect For Nature : An 11 page, historical overview of Yellowstone National Park. The writer discusses tribes that once inhabited the area, how public interest grew as the result of a 19th century mining expedition, and how preservation of the park has evidenced our commitment to nature. A section also covers the large-scale fires of 1988 which ripped through Yellowstone and left widespread damage. The "let-burn" policy of allowing forest fires to continue burning naturally is explained. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Yeloston.wps

Coal Mining & Appalachia -- Creating a New World : An 8 page paper on past history of coal mining/strip-mining and damage done to the land. This piece discusses the entrance of people all over globe, and how that community is rallying to "live at home" and "fix the land." The people and governments and coal mining companies are working together through re-education for new technologies and fixing the land to keep their home. Bibliography lists 12+ sources. Appalach.wps

Coal Mining Destruction : A 7 page paper discussing surface mining. Surface mining used to be more commonly known as strip mining, and the first law requiring environmental restoration of the land after the completion of a strip mining operation was passed 20 years ago. Though the law was amended in 1997 to be far more stringent in its environmental requirements, it is far too easy to be granted variance on the environmental standards. Drastic surface mining has become commonplace in south central West Virginia, where the surface frequently is the current level of mountain exposed through mountaintop removal. The method is just what its name implies—coal that used to be mined underground is now simply collected from the surface, but only after much of the mountain has been removed and dumped into a valley below the mine. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Coal.doc

Helicopters and Firefighting : A 10 page paper that discusses the use of helicopters in fire fighting efforts, both in urban settings and in wildland areas. The regular use of helicopters has increased the need for new technologies and increased training to meet the requirements of this challenging transition. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Helifire.wps

Acid Rain : This 6 page paper addresses the problem of acid rain. The environmental effects are discussed as well as the amount of attention society pays to the dilemma. The paper takes the position that acid rain is detrimental to the future environment and should be a concern to all. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Acidrs.wps

Acid Rain / Causes & Effects : A 4 page research paper investigating different aspects of the global problem of acid rain. Includes the definition of acid rain, the fact that it reaches the earth in both wet and dry forms, the devastating effects across the world, the degree of the problem is specific geographic regions and what is being done about it. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Acidrain.wps

Effects Of Acid Rain On Mid-Atlantic Trout Fishing : A 7 page paper on trout fishing in the mid-Atlantic region. For years, the practice has played a vital role in the area's economy but man's own abuses have severely damaged the environment and killed off a significant amount of fish. The writer examines this problem, its occurrence, and how it occurs. The production of acid rain and how it disrupts the food web is of primary importance to this discussion. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Troutfis.wps

Aquaculture & Fish Farming : An 8 page research paper on the rapidly growing aquaculture industry reviewing: why it is growing, why it is needed, who is entering the industry, what problems are encountered, and what solutions have been found. Special mention of Great Lakes region is included. Bibliography lists a number of relevant sources. Aquacult.wps

Whale Conservation : A 12 page paper describing the plight of the whales at the hands of humans. The writer describes the history of whaling, why it is important to conserve whales, and other human threats to whales. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Whales.wps

International Whaling Issues : This 3 page paper examines the issue of international whaling practices, the regulations, as well as the impact on several nations throughout the world. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Whaleint.doc

Alligator Control In Florida : Florida’s citizens are more greatly threatened by alligators than citizens anywhere else. In this 5 page report, the writer discusses dangers to humans, to the alligators themselves, and the overall ecological benefit of keeping alligators alive and thriving in the state of Florida. Bibliography lists approximately 10 sources. Alligato.wps

The Dept. of Defense & The Environment : A 7 page overview of the Department of Defense and its programs geared towards environmental maintenance. Provides good historical insight as well. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Deptdefe.wps

The National Environmental Policy Act : An 11 page paper that provides an outlines of the NEPA and also considers the issues surrounding its implementation. Bibliography lists nine sources. Nepa.wps

The EPA and Reagan / Conflict & Disparity : A 12 page paper that outlines the perspectives of the Reagan Administration regarding the EPA and considers changes that occurred during the Reagan Administration that negatively impacted the process and authority of the EPA. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Epareag.wps

The EPA’s Self-Auditing Policy & The Impacts for Grant Teton National Park :
A 6 page paper that provides a comprehensive overview of the issues surrounding the implementation of the EPA’s self-auditing policy and its implications, both positive and negative, for Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Epaudit.wps

Earth Science & The Environmental Scientist : 13 pages on the important relevance that earth science has to the environmental sciences. Numerous case examples are provided. Bibliography lists more than 20 comprehensive sources. Envirsci.wps

Environmental Concerns Regarding Heap Leaching : A 5 page paper discussing the environmental concerns related to heap leach operations. What is the process of heap leaching and why is it used? Current issues surrounding the process are briefly examined. Bibliography lists five sources. Leach.wps

Environmental Problems In The Chesapeke Bay Area : Population growth and water pollution is studied and causes for the resulting problems are sought. Several environmental theories are explored regarding population in this 7 page analysis. Maryland population statistics are used and demographics are considered in comparison with national data. Current trends are noted. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Chespeak.wps

Solid Waste Management / Disposal vs Recycling New York : This 11 page paper looks at the use of landfills as a major problem in the Northeast. Recycling is discussed in detail as an effective method to handle solid waste. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Garbage.doc

Staten Island - The Economics of Sanitation : The financial feasibility of closing the Fresh Kills landfill in Staten Island, New York is discussed in this 5 page paper. A task force which studied the realities of closing this infamous garbage dump, in 1996, is referenced. Alternatives, such as recycling, are also discussed. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Frshkils.wps

Environmental Racism & Landfills of the Inner-City : A 20 page analytical paper examining the idea that large inner-cities seem to have their sanitation landfills strategically located in and around minority neighborhoods. A discussion of relevant case law, economic rationale, and environmental concern is provided. The writer posits that elected officials must take action or be held responsible for the harmful effects that nearby garbage dumps have upon members of the African-American and Latino communities. Bibliography lists 19 sources. Garbager.wps

The Garbage Dilemma : This 8 page report examines the different ways garbage affects us and how it is disposed of. Highlighted is an argument in favor of incineration. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Incinera.wps

Garbage Disposal and the Environment : 4 pages on contemporary problems relevant to garbage disposal. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Various processes and their cost-effectiveness are examined. Garbcomp.wps

Landfills Are Here To Stay ! : A 6 page report that discusses the problems of municipal solid wastes (MSW) as a major problem for our cities and towns. Methods of disposing, eliminating, and reducing MSW (garbage!) are described and discussed in terms of costs and effectiveness in resolving the problem. Landfills are discussed in detail from both postive and negative viewpoints. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Landfill.wps

Article Review / Trash Talking – Too Little Too Soon : A 5 page essay reviewing an article on "The Ethics of Trash" and the dilemma faced when a municipality builds a trash incinerator only to discover that the community has lessened the amount of trash to be burned through its recycling efforts. Should the community "import" more trash to keep the incinerator viable? What other options, possibilities, or mindsets are available to the community? Trash.doc

Global Warming : A 5 page discussion of the phenomena of global warming. Defines the greenhouse effect and discusses impacts to the global climate. Bibliography lists four sources. Globalw.wps

Farmers vs. The Greenhouse Effect : 8 pages on the Costa Rican-based Klinki Forestry Project-- a plan proposed in 1995 which attempted to address the problem of global warming by converting low-carbon pastures into high-carbon farm forests. The project also addressed the importance of promoting tropical reforestation and this well-presented study examines its budget, feasibility, local acceptance, etc;. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Klinki.wps

(The) Greenhouse Effect & Ozone Depletion : 6 pages worth of very detailed information on the Greenhouse Effect, depletion of the Ozone layer etc; Bibliography lists 5 sources. Greenhs2.wps

(The) Greenhouse Effect & Ozone Depletion # 2 : 5 pages in length. Similar to Greenhs2.wps- only much more of a generalized overview. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Greenhs3.wps

(The) Greenhouse Effect & Ozone Depletion # 3 : 5 pages in length. Similar to Greehs2 & 3.wps- Focuses more on variety of opinions and relevant skepticism. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Greenhs4.wps

(The) Greenhouse Effect & Ozone Depletion # 4 : 6 pages worth of overview and discussion covering the Greenhouse Effect/depletion of Ozone, issues etc; Bibliography lists 4 sources. Greenhse.wps

The Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming, & Alternatives : A 15 page overview of the phenomenon of global warming as caused by the greenhouse effect. Details the causes of the greenhouse effect concentrating primarily on our utilization of fossil fuels. Specifies that alternative fuel sources would be advantageous both environmentally and economically. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Greenhs.wps

The Greenhouse Effect / The Contribution Of Friction : An 11 page overview of the greenhouse effect and its consequence, global warming. Postulates that friction is a cause and controlling factor of these phenomena. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Greenfr.wps

Global Warming / Legal & Economic Ramifications : A 20 page research paper that first gives an overview of the evidence that global warming exists and what is believed to contribute as its cause. Then, the writer addresses specifically whether or not the recent international treaty worked out last year in Japan will actually accomplish anything of significance. The writer demonstrates that although global warming does constitute a legitimate world problem with serious ramifications, this treaty is not the answer. Bibliography lists 13 sources. Warmglob.wps

The Ozone Layer : A well-researched 8 page essay in which the author discusses the ozone layer. The composition of the ozone, the harmfulness, and possible benefits are discussed. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Ozonel.wps

"Chlorofluorocarbons & The Depletion Of Stratospheric Ozone" / Article Review : A 4 page summary of the contents of this scientific article which discusses the contribution of chlorofluorocarbons to ozone depletion and global warming. No other sources are listed. CFC.wps

Policy Analysis of the Greenhouse Effect : 15 pages in length. The author discusses the policy analysis of the Greenhouse Effect. The problem of the greenhouse effect is defined. The different proposals are discussed. A recommendation is made to curtail the greenhouse effect. Several sources cited. Greenpol.wps

Pluralism and the Politics of Environment : This 9 page essay reviews the pluralistic issues surrounding the modern environmental movement. What can serve as a resolution? What concerns must all groups evaluate and resolve? Bibliography lists seven sources. Green.wps

Issues Concerning Fisheries : 4 page discussion of fisheries- environmental issues, law & politics, and regulation relevant to salvaging dying breeds such as salmon. Paper includes thorough statistical data and factual information (as of early 1995). Bibliography lists 4+ sources. Fisheris.wps

Ocean Dumping : A 5 page paper concerning the hazards of ocean dumping. The author discusses the many ways in which the ocean is polluted, the effects, and the solution. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Oceandum.wps

Atomic Energy / Use & Control : A 24 page paper that reports and analyzes the use of atomic energy in the late 1940's. Along with a short defenition of what atomic energy is, the paper talks about how atomic energy was used and the measures by which it was controlled. Extensive bibliography included. Atomener.wps

Nuclear Energy / What is it Costing Us ? : A 16 page research paper on nuclear energy and the price that we pay to have it. An historic overview of our decision to implement nuclear power is complemented by a thorough analysis of the worldwide confusion over its "pros" and "cons." While there do indeed exist merits to using this form of energy, the inherent risks and dangers far outweigh any degree of perceived necessity. The final sections of the report, therefore, discuss viable alternatives to nuclear power and how we can "market" them to be used successfully around the world. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Nukeeneg.wps

Nuclear Energy / The Answer for the Future? : A 9 page overview of the status of nuclear energy. Outlines the environmental benefits of nuclear energy as opposed to fossil fuels. Details the differences in contribution of the two power sources to global warming. Outlines the possibilities for safe disposal of nuclear waste. Bibliography lists nine sources. Nenergy.wps

Nuclear Power / Technology & Safety : 8 pages in length. A complete discussion of the technology involved in generating nuclear power, the risks imposed, and the safety measures/ precautions that are taken. Measuring safety and the detrimental impact of radiation resulting from nuclear energy use are primary points covered in this paper. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Nukeneg3.wps

Nuclear Proliferation & Society : An 11 page research paper on the effects of nuclear power in today’s society. The writer deals with some of the controversy as well as some of the accidents and misshaps of nuclear reactors, as well as discussing some alternatives and possible solutions. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Nucpow.wps

The United States & Nuclear Nonproliferation Delay : A 5 page paper on nuclear nonproliferation, which advocates the current course of action taken by the U.S. as specified originally in December 1995 by Thomas McNamara, which is to place technological sanctions on countries purchasing black market nuclear and biochemical weapons and extend nonproliferation under the NPT based on the current unrest by new proliferating states. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Nonnuke.wps

The Dangers of Nuclear Testing & The Reluctance to Stop It : In their effort to create a bomb that would assure destruction of enemies, the world super powers of this century have created a legacy that could presumably destroy the entire world as we know it. This 7 page essay looks at the specific dangers of nuclear weapons testing and the political problems that exist in trying to prevent it from continuing. Various legislation and test ban treaties are discussed and the writer concludes that governments were evidently much more eager to create nuclear weapons than they are to ban them. Charts are included to show which countries are most responsible for testing nuclear weapons. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Nuketest.wps

Nuclear Waste Dumping & Yucca Mountain / Controversy : A 12 page paper on the controversy surrounding the U.S. government's plan to turn Yucca Mountain (Nevada) into the first large-scale nuclear waste "dumping ground." The writer explains the logic that went into the government's choice of location, and then presents the resistance from Nevada state residents. Environmental / scientific issues concerning Nevada's geology, the safety of waste burial, etc.; are discussed. The writer presents strong arguments as to why Yucca Mountain is indeed the only logical site for such a project and refutes arguments to the contrary. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Yucca.wps

Nuclear Waste Disposal & Environmental Hazards : 7 pages in length. A look at how much waste will be created from post-Cold War arms reduction and the serious problems mankind faces in trying to get rid of it. A thorough discussion is provided about the lifespan of specific radioactive elements, the true health risks faced by humans, and the terrible problem that continues to grow in sites like Nevada, U.S.A. where more and more waste is dumped while governments still continue to search for a more feasible solution. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Nukewas.wps

Nuclear Waste / A Dream Turns Into A nightmare : A 5 page research paper which examines the problems of storing high-level nuclear waste. The writer demonstrates how the United States still does not have a viable solution for storing HLNW after 50 years of nuclear technology. The current solutions are discussed, and the writer offers a personal thesis on how to solve this problem. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Solunuke.wps

Nuclear Power / The Impact of Public Opinion & Policy : An insightful 5 page look at the development of nuclear power's importance and the key legal issues surrounding its growth during the latter half of the 20th century. Regulatory policies and trends related to cost, environmental concern, etc; are examined as is the influence of public opinion on nuclear power-related policy and how such opinion has changed over the years. Bibliography lists 1 source. Nukepowe.wps

Nuclear Energy / A Likely Evil for the Future : A 3 page review of an article on nuclear energy; its past, and its future. Some of the reasons for our turn to nuclear energy are analyzed as is the fact that we are likely to continue using it more and more in the future. The writer feels that its costs and dangers are high..and so is public opposition. No Bibliography. Nukeeng2.wps

Nuclear Destruction -- The Threat of Irreversible and Irreparable Consequences :
A 5 page report examining the biological & ecological consequences of radiation contamination that would result from a nuclear war. 'The end of life as we know it' is documented with scientific findings about radiation's effects on living cells and genetic structure. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Nukedest.wps

Article Review / Dangerous Nuclear Power Plant : 2 page review of a New York times article reporting that a suburban NY State nuclear power plant had repeatedly shown signs of posing a public risk even after having been shut down to refurbish its operating procedures and management. Nytartic.wps

Environmental Issues & The Problem Of A World Food Shortage : A 5 page paper on environmental issues leading to a world food shortage. High-yield crop varieties, the use of pesticides & fertilizers, and the plight of rain forests, wetlands, and montane ecosystems, are among the many problems described. The role of overpopulation is factored into the discussion. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Worldfoo.wps

Overpopulation On The Nile Delta : A 5 page essay comparing two articles on the Nile Delta, one from the National Geographic and one from The Economist. Each article focuses on the overpopulation and water shortage in the region, one from a humanistic viewpoint, the other from a data-orientation. The two sources are cited. Niled.wps

Controlling Overpopulation / Problems & Solutions : A 7 page research paper on issues concerning the threat of overpopulation. The writer discusses some of the health & nutrition problems posed by there being too many people in the world etc; Also examined are the ethical & moral concerns of certain measures such as mandated abortions vs. women's rights... Both sides of the "population control" argument are assessed .. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Overpop.wps

Natural Gas / World Energy Supply : This 7 page research paper discusses issues concerning natural and other gases as world energy supplies. Inherent benefits, risks, dangers, and advantages over other energy sources are all examined. It is concluded that as an energy source, natural gas is not as widely used as are other types. Nevertheless, the availability of natural gas assures humankind a huge source of nonpolluting energy for the future. Bibliography lists 4+ sources. Worlener.wps

What Is Sustainable Development ? : A 5 page overview-- explaining the concept of "sustainable development" -- A U.N. supported mandate in which countries of the world participate in recognizing that we all share the planet and its natural resources. Sustainable development inherently calls for the preservation of air quality, water, land, animals, etc; The writer is actually extremely critical of the concept-- arguing that it does little for the environment and then leaves the "bill" to be paid by future generations. No Bibliography. Sustadev.wps

Film Analysis / Silkwood : In this 4 page report, the writer finds that Silkwood -- the biographical account of a plutonium plant worker who died mysteriously in an auto crash as she was about to expose nuclear safety violations-- shies away from taking a definitive stand on who precisely was responsible for the institutional negligence at the plant and ultimately, for Karen Silkwood's death. The writer also feels that the film is clearly slanted toward the positions of labor and the environmental-protection movement yet never tells us who was guilty. No Bibliography. Silkwood.wps

Turf Management & The Use of Pesticides on Golf Courses : A 20 page research paper on hazardous chemicals and pesticides used on golf courses. Bibliography lists at least 15 references. Golfcour.wps

"Whistle Blowing" & The Responsibility of the Engineer : A 6 page paper examining the special responsibility that engineers have to "rat" on individuals, groups, and agencies who violate enviornmental principles, codes, laws, and/or integrity. Various popular cases are cited to illustrate how genuinely important it is for engineers to act ethically and disclose everything they know. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Engineth.wps environment, ethics

A Civil Action by Jonathan Harr : A 12 page essay on Harr's account of a law suit brought by five families against the chemical companies which poisoned their city's water supply. Due to these carcinogens, each family suffered the loss of a child. No additional sources cited. Civilin.wps

Patrick Geddes : A 6 page paper that describes the views and philosophy of Patrick Geddes, the environmentalist turned city planner who demonstrated his concerns for natural features within urbanization. Geddes demonstrated a means by which cities could revitalize utilizing environmental concerns as their basis. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Geddes.wps

Switzerland’s Tourism Industry : A 7 page research paper exploring the tourist industry in Switzerland. The largest single employing industry in the country, tourism is regulated by federal policies within which the ecology of the country is considered. Switzerland receives visitors totally more than four times it own population each year. Bibliography lists 7 references. Swisstou.wps

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