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An Increased Minimum Wage Promotes Growth : An 8 page, argumentative paper in which the writer presents sound economic reasons for the minimum wage to be raised. Statistical and historic analysis are provided and counter-arguments are refuted. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Miniwage.wps

Minimum Wage Increase and Inflation: A comprehensive 10 page paper analyzing differing macroeconomic viewpoints about minimum wage increase. The writer explains various angles of the issue of minimum wage, and includes charts to show statistical comparisons. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Minimpa.wps

Government and Minimum Wage : A 5 page paper on the reasons for and effects of government intervention on behalf of raising the minimum wage. Subjects discussed include the contribution to minimum wage decisions and the effects of those decisions on individuals, the economy, and politics—all of these are presented from the standpoint of governing. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Gminwage.wps

NAFTA & American Industry / Positive Aspects: A 15 page research paper on how NAFTA benefits American industry. The writer cites many positive aspects of increased trade with Mexico including that of higher-paying domestic jobs. The specific case of the automobile industry is offered as an example to support the writer's thesis. Statistics are provided to support/back-up assertions. Includes charts & graphs. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Naftagoo.wps

NAFTA and the Plight of the American Laborer: An 8 page research paper on the negative effects of NAFTA on the blue collar worker. The writer explains that loss of jobs to Mexico has a bad economic, mental, and emotional effect on American workers and society. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Naftano3.wps

NAFTA’s Effect on Wages & The Labor Market : A paper of 8 pages discussing the effects that NAFTA may have had on US wages and the labor market. During the presidential debates in the campaign in which Ross Perot was a candidate, he warned of the "great sucking sound" that American jobs would make as they exited the country in favor of Mexico were NAFTA to be enacted. Four years after the passage of NAFTA, opinions and results are both mixed as NAFTA is first blamed and then praised for a variety of business results. Amazingly, many analysts cannot seem to reach a firm conclusion on just what effect NAFTA has had on the American labor market and wage rates, though there is no disagreement on the results of the components that have been studied. Bibliography lists 8 sources. NAFTAwag.wps

The Great Depression’s Impact On Labor : A 5 page paper discussing the impact of the Great Depression on organized labor. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Deplab.wps

The Rise And Fall Of The Knights Of Labor : 7 pages in length. Working conditions as we know them today are as good as they are due in part to the formation of the Noble Order of the Knights of Labor. Assembled back in the late 1800's, the Knights made great strides for the betterment of deplorable labor settings for women, blacks, children and all others who were taken advantage of in the skilled labor world. The writer chronologically addresses the formation, achievements and ultimate dissolution of the Knights of Labor. Bibliography included. Klabor.wps

Teamsters Union : A 6 page paper on the Teamsters union. The writer gives a brief history of the union, its recent declines, projected gains, and an outlook for the future. Bibliography cites 6 sources. Teamster.wps

Labor Unions in the 90’s : A 6 page research paper looking at some of the changes in and political activities of the labor movement. Included is the AFL-CIO’s aggressive recruiting of new members, downsizing in their own management ranks and a move to an informality of organization historically unknown in labor unions. Unions are experiencing election victories of more than 70% when paid organizers are not used, compared to a win rate of less than 30% when they are. Another boost to the unions is the increasing numbers of members from white-collar professions. Unions.wps

Are They Still Necessary? — Labor Unions in the 90s : A 20 page paper which weighs the relevance of labor unions today. There is growing sentiment that while unions performed a very real service for the workers of America at the time of their creation and greatest activity, that they perhaps have outlived their usefulness, that they are unnecessary for today's labor force. The relationship between the union representative and management team at any given work site has traditionally been adversarial, but some companies have been able to evolve past traditional relationships. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources. UPS.doc

Unions in the World of Labor / Are They Necessary? : A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the history of labor unions and then considers their roles in the current system. This writer demonstrates that they are no longer necessary constructs of business for a number of reasons. Bibliography included. LabUnions.wps

The Place Of Unions In The New Global Economy : This 6 page paper discusses the place of unions in the United States since the advent of globalization. Their history, current presence and future possibilities are examined. Bibliography lists 8 sources . Unionsg.wps.

The International Ladies Garment Workers Union : A 15 page review of the history of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU) and their accomplishments. Provides an emphasis on ILGWU activities in New York City. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Lgarment.wps

Unions in New York State : An overview of the formation of unions in the country and its relevance today is discussed in this 6 page paper. Particular emphasis is placed on unions which exist in New York State's public sector throughout the paper. Specific examples are included. The differences between public and private sector unions are also examined. Bibliography included. Unions.doc

Advantages of Unions : A 7 page paper that explores the increase in union membership in 1997 because of advantages (general and specific) provided by unions to its members. The needs of today's employees in a reorganizing and downsizing corporate environment are attributed to a new growth in union membership. For this reason, unions have realized a reverse of the decline in union membership experienced over the past 15 years. Today, unions are helping workers in industries as varied as aircraft workers to physicians. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Unionad.wps

Effects Of The UPS-Teamsters Strike : A 25 page paper discussing the 1997 strike against UPS, the first walkout in the company’s history. While large companies, especially those dealing business-to-business, rarely use delivery services for order shipment, UPS had been the delivery service of choice for many of the small businesses in the country. The US Postal Service and other delivery and courier services did what they could to make up for the more than 12 million pieces normally handled by UPS daily, but most were forced to place restrictions on accepting new customers long before the strike ended. While they prospered, many of America’s small businesses were damaged right along with UPS. Bibliography lists 17 sources. Ups-25.wps

Management, Labor, Unions, & The 1997 UPS Strike : A 10 page paper examining the relationship between unions and management, using the now-current UPS (United Parcel Service) strike as a paper-long example. The UAW and GM’s Saturn Division had enjoyed a symbiotic relationship for years, with each side working for the long-term benefit of the company while protecting workers’ rights, as well as their responsibilities. UAW members realize that there are thousands of workers overseas more than willing to eliminate auto maker positions here, and that it is in their best interest to work for increased productivity and efficiency. The Teamsters retain the old-school attitudes of the "evil corporation," glossing over all the benefits that UPS provides its employees. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Ups.wps

Management’s View of the UPS Pilots’ Contract Demands : A 6 page paper. The Independent Pilots Association (IPA) representing UPS’ 2039 pilots allowed a by-mail survey of their members last August (1997) following the end of the Teamsters’ strike against the company in the same month. Though UPS offered pay raises for their pilots of between 36 and 94%, the pilots nonetheless rejected UPS’ contract proposal. The average pilot pay at UPS currently stands at $151,000. Pilots are restricted by law from working a full schedule—they are all essentially part-time employees, and their current hourly rate (without a contract renegotiation) stands at more than $200. Bibliography lists 6 sources. UPSPilot.wps

The United Parcel Service Strike of 1997 : A 5 page paper discussing the UPS strike. The writer examines the goals and of both the company management and the union and whether or not they were reached and how. Bibliography lists 5 sources. 97ups.wps

UPS In Louisville, Kentucky : An 8 page paper that discusses the issue of UPS's expansion in Louisville, Kentucky and the requests they made of the city and state for assurances that the thousands of available jobs would be able to be filled. The writer discusses the benefits of having UPS located in the city and how UPS and city and state government officials were able to work together to resolve the problems. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Upsky.wps

The Importance Of Pilots' Unions / Airline Industry : A 12 page paper that considers the impacts of the pilots' unions, including Allied (APA) and ALPA in the airline industry. This paper supports the efficacy of unions as a means of supporting the needs of their membership, as well as in providing greater safety and consistency in light of deregulation. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Pilots.wps

Unions & The Effects of Strike on Auto Workers : A 21 page thesis developed on the belief that the effects of striking on the workers under the UAW and long-term and widespread. This paper explores the impact of the strike on the individual as it relates to personal finances, productivity after the strike, issues regarding job security because of the strike impact on corporate levels, and job relationships between strikers and non-strikers after the fact. This paper concludes that strikes may have become an ineffectual way to attempt change within unionized structures because the negative impact on the employees is to great Bibliography lists 10 sources. Autounio.wps

Labor - Management Relations / Frontier Telephone of Rochester and Communications Workers of America (CWA Local 1170) : A 20 page paper providing a substantive overview of issues related to the labor/management relationship between Frontier Telephone of Rochester and CWA Local 1170. The writer considers the implications of the contract negotiations process, other negotiations within the collective of the Baby Bells, and outlines the major components of the agreement made in 1996. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Fronlab.wps

Lean Production Implementation In The Auto Industry : A 20 page paper that studies the impact of implementing lean production processes within auto industry plants. The paper presents a study of the effects on employees perceptions of success and individual opinions in regards to human resource development during the transition from mass to lean production styles. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Leanprod.wps

Hiring Jimmy Hoffa As A Negotiator : A 10 page research paper which looks at Jimmy Hoffa’s career as an expert negotiator. Hoffa, as president of the Teamsters’ Union, wielded immense power throughout the 50s and 60s and up until his disappearance in 1975. The writer examines --hypothetically-- whether or not Jimmy Hoffa would make a good negotiator in today’s political and economic atmosphere. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Hoffa.wps

Should Public Sector Employees Be Allowed To Strike? : An 8 page paper. Depending on the laws of the specific state, many unionized public sector employees are allowed to strike; others are prevented from striking by state law. Any unionized organization eventually discusses the possibility of striking in order to prove points important to them at the time. The question is whether public sector employees should have the same right to strike as those employed in the private sector. The position presented here is that they should not. Bibliography lists six sources. Publisect.wps

Trends & Principles In Labor Relations : 25 pages in length. Increasing numbers of companies today are working to create and maintain positive relationships with their employees. Many do have altruistic motives at least to some degree, but the returns of productivity are of greatest importance. Competitive pressures are greater today than at any other time, and businesses leading their industries in productivity and profitability increasingly are those with the most "human" forms of management and labor relations. Those most successful will be the ones that can recognize that nearly every employee is indeed a valuable part of the organization and wants to be valued as such. Bibliography lists 19 sources. Labornew.wps

Labor-Management Relations / Collective Bargaining : This 12 page research paper might be subtitled: has collective bargaining outlived its usefulness? The paper investigates the history of labor law limited to the NLRA and the Taft-Hartley Act and their impact on labor-management relations. The rapidly declining membership in unions and the changes in society have led also to a change in employee-employer relations. Workers are not longer willing to simply take direct orders from employers or from union officials and they clearly want more involvement in the decisions affecting their jobs. A new type of social contract is offered. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Collbarg.wps

Organized Crime and Labor Unions : The connection between organized crime and labor unions are examined in this 6 page paper. The Teamsters Union is highlighted as an example but other unions are discussed as well. International implications of organized crime, inclusive of present and future trends are included. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Maf.wps

Economic Globalization Worldwide Impacts for Unions, Wages & Employment :
A 10 page paper that provides an overview of the impact of globalization on unions, wages and employments, especially in light of world-wide trade policies. Bibliography lists 7 sources Globalec.wps

U.S. Working Class Conditions 1990-1995 : A 10 page examination of the working class in the United States between 1990 and 1995. Examines wage trends and worker demographics and discriminations. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Uswork.wps

Contract Termination, Streamlining, & The Law : A 5 page exploration of the contradicting federal laws implemented in order to streamline government, and how this applies to contract termination from the viewpoint of labor relations. Divergent laws considered in the discussion include The Procurement Act, The Welfare Reform Act of 1996, and Executive Order 12954 (and related case law). Bibliography lists 6 sources. Conterm.wps

Labor Markets / China vs. U.S. : A 10 page paper comparing the labor markets of China and the US. Traces China’s journey from a communal system to its present-day attempts at an open market system including a brief description of the US open market system and what it means to a country’s economy. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Usclabor.wps

Air Traffic Controllers Dismissal And Its Relation The Works Of Kant : A 6 page paper discussing Kant's imperatives to government and the governed people as they relate to the firing of the Air Traffic Controllers by Ronald Reagan. The paper postulates that Reagan's decision was short-sighted, because his actions have potentially lead to that which he sought to prevent--a socialistic public labor pool. The paper discusses the affects of his decision in relationship to both the public and private sector, and how it may have resulted in the quiet revolution affecting the private sector. Although Kant specifies that altruistic citizens subject themselves to their sovereign, they must also police their sovereign, and therefore, the long-term results of Reagan's decision are in the hands of the people. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Controlr.wps

Bruce Springsteen’s Serenade To Labor : A 7 page paper relating the singer’s songs to the plight of the Americal Labor Movement. Shortly after Billy Joel sang of the woes of "Allentown," the story of hard-working Pennsylvania steel mill employees in the early 1980s, Bruce Springsteen was making himself hugely rich and incomparably famous with some of the most overtly political music in pop history. In the mid-1990s, the Springsteen message has moved from the focus of the laid-off factory worker to that of the poor immigrant needing work in whatever form. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Springst.wps

Thesis / Labor Issues in Firefighting : A 25 page research paper dealing primarily with the relationship between fire company staffing and firefighter and civilian fire deaths. Includes literature review, methodology, statistical analysis, summary, recommendations, etc; It is ultimately concluded that there may indeed be a relationship between decreased fire department staffing levels and civilian deaths, as well as firefighter injuries. Firethes.wps

New York City's "Tenant Movement" : On April 1, 1904, NY's "tenant unions" & organizations went on strike-- refusing to pay rent until their demands were met. In this 12 page research paper, the writer details specific "battles" of the Tenant Movement-- relevant situations, and their outcomes. An overview of 20th century history and the continuing struggle for tenant's rights in New York is presented, as are the efforts of various organizations such as the New York State Tenant and Neighborhood Coalition (NYSTNC). The cases provided demonstrate that when workers' real wages are squeezed by inflation or depression, in addition to conflicts at the point of production, responses occur at household level in the form of struggles in the reproductive sphere (demands for rent reductions, etc.). Bibliography lists 10 sources. Tenantmv.wps

Unions, Election Politics and the Plight of American Laborer : 11 pages in length. Prior to the 1996 elections, this report examined candidate Bill Clinton and possible candidate Pat Buchanan with respect to their political views on labor and the plight of the American worker. The typical union delegate's argument in favor of Buchanan is analyzed and a decision is made by the writer that although neither Clinton nor his opposition will significantly benefit the average worker's union,-- Buchanan would have indeed been the 'less of the two evils.' Bibliography lists 11 sources. Laborpol.wps

Reverse Effects Of Labor Discrimination : A 10 page research paper employing statistical analysis of, and trends in, black/white employment figures based on 1970 and 1980 census data. The thesis is that while labor discrimination on the surface seems to aid the majority group, it can in fact be detrimental to the entire work force. Bibliography includes six cited references. Racedisc.wps

Employment Opportunities for Vietnam Vets : Reasons why there is higher unemployment for Vietnam Vets are discussed in this 7 page paper. Several issues are looked at including the devastating effects of PTSD. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Vietemp.wps

Right to Work / Economic Present : A 10 page analysis of the right to work in the United States and the efficacy of the Wagner Act and the Taft-Hartley Act in regards to the emerging global economy. The writer argues that as the economy has evolved, so has the right to work, and cognizant US citizens will recognize the necessity of reduced government intervention at a national level, balanced by an increasing international presence. This directly affects the right to work in terms of unionized labor vs. entrepreneurship. Bibliography lists 9 references. Rgtowork.doc

Quesnay and Marx : A 16 page paper that compares the pre-capitalist and socialist views of these two theorists. The paper particularly reviews their work in light of labor, property and surplus and looks at the finer similarities and contrasts between these points. The paper briefly looks at how the antecedents of these theories have been passed down to the current age. It also posits that although economists are reviewing various historical theories in an attempt to identify the answers raised by global democratization and poverty issues, the answers to these problems do not reside in historical theories or their synthesis. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Qmarx.wps

Book Review / "The Fragile Bridge -- Paterson Silk Strike of 1913" : A 6 page paper on this event in labor history as described by Steven Golin in his 1988 book. The writer describes the conditions which led to the unorganized strike by silk workers, who were subsequently supported by the IWW and intellectuals of the time. Full citation is provided for the book. Silkstk.wps

Book Review / Barbara Kingsolver’s "Holding the Line" : A 4 page paper that provides an overview of Kingsolver's book. The mining strike of 1983 in Arizona was impacted significantly by the role of the Women's Auxiliary, and Kingsolver provides and account of the strike with consideration from the perspective of the women. No additional sources cited. Kingsolv.wps

Antitrust And Collective Bargaining In Brown v. Pro Football, Inc. : A 15 page case comment on a Supreme Court case involving antitrust and labor law exemptions. The writer details the historical background of the law in the case, the various findinngs and holdings, the dissent, and analyzes the reasoning in the decision. No additional sources cited. Collbarg.wps

Book Review / The Importance of Labor in the U.S. Economy : This 4 page essay reviews Boyer, Boyer & Morais' book entitled "Labor's Untold Story." For the most part, the work discusses the important and ever-changing role that labor has played in the U.S. economy from the 19th century onward. No Bibliography. Laborhis.wps

Airline Mechanics & F.A.A. Regulation : A 21 page paper on the regulations imposed on airline mechanics. The writer details the problems and suggested solutions, as well as the impact of the FAA's proposed regulation Part 66 on the future of airline mechanics. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Far.wps

"Sweatshops" Of The United States : A 7 page paper pointing not only to the existence of, but the resurgence in the sweatshops we normally associate only with the end of the 19th century, in which children were employed for long shifts and adult employees were expected to work fourteen and eighteen hours each day, often for less than $20 for their entire day’s efforts. US Labor Secretary Robert Reisch has vowed to us self-reporting and consumer awareness and activism for combating the sweatshop mentality. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Sweatsho.wps

Labor Issues In The Late 1990s : A 3 page overview of the labor market problems, including lack of trained labor. Issues touched on include education, Work Opportunities Act (welfare reduction), and contract labor. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Laboreco.doc

Issues In Labor Law : This 5 page paper looks at several articles pertinent to labor law as contained in a 1993 issue of Conservative Digest. The articles are discussed in terms of labor trends in the nineties. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Lablaws.wps

Bases for Persistent Income Discrepancies : A 7 page paper discussing possible reasons for the wide discrepancy of income levels in the US. Though there are many factors, much of the issue involves risk. As in the stock market, the higher the risk of a venture, the higher the return. Factory workers and teachers, notoriously low-paid, typically have assumed very little risk in their professions, while a pro sport star could suffer a career-ending injury at any time. There is no question that income levels in the US are absurdly skewed, but it also is fitting that those with the most to lose also see the greatest rewards. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Salaries.wps

Slavery In The New World / Work Force : A 5 page research essay that investigates the reasons Africans came to be exploited as slave labor. Researchers point to the sugar boom in the Mediterranean and then again in Brazil, labor shortages and the reliability of black slaves. Both nations owed their success to black slaves. Their success established the model of labor for a successful colony. The model was then repeated in developing colonies. Bibliography included. Slave.doc

Labor Movement In The Late 19th Century : A 5 page research paper which examines how the history of the labor movement has been misrepresented in the media. The writer focuses on the Haymarket riot in Chicago which resulted from the nationwide strike in the 1880s to get an eight-hour workday as an example of the establishment forces which were set against the labor movement at that time. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Labormov.wps

Walter Reuther & The Labor Movement : In 8 pages, the writer discusses Walter Reuther and his contributions to the labor movement. Walter Reuther "led millions of Americans to decent wages, safer workplaces and the rudimentary tools of workplace democracy". Bibliography lists 10 sources. Reuther.wps

Philip Murray : 7 pages in length. Philip Murray was, perhaps, one of the most defiant voices in labor history. The Scotsman who crossed over to the United States in 1902 always had a predominantly fiery personality when it came to labor relations. He did not appreciate the way manual labor workers were treated by their superiors and after having a fight with his own foreman, he and hundreds of other disgruntled workers fought back by forming a chapter of the United Mine Workers (UMW), of which Murray was elected in 1904. The writer discusses his fervor for fairness that eventually catapulted him to become the president of two very influential labor organizations. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Philmurr.wps

Robert B. Reich / Secretary of Labor : A 10 page paper discussing Reich’s contributions to the relationship between organized labor and corporate interest. Robert Reich has his critics on all sides—liberals complain that he is far too conservative; conservatives complain that his views are too liberal—but he is one of the few realistic observers of the state of commerce and of labor in the 1990s. Some, even many, do see him as a classic fence-sitter, unable to decide whether he is liberal or conservative, but Reich himself obviously has no such doubts regarding his own conclusions in the necessity of both sides working together for mutual benefit. He has been able to overcome the "us vs them" mentality of the traditional adversarial relationship between labor and business, as have many who are daily involved in the realities of business today Bibliography lists 8 sources. Reich.wps

American Labor : A 4 page paper discussing Max Green’s book, "Epitaph for American Labor : How Union Leaders Lost Touch with America." Green is generally very opinionated and does little to actually illustrate anything in the way of an unbiased history. This is more a book about one single view point of the labor union with little other information included. While Green does not seem to believe the union is serving America justly he apparently does not have any solutions to offer other than the complete dismantling of the labor union. No additional sources cited. Amerlbk.wps

Pay Equity / Public vs. Private Sectors : A 6 page research paper on the book Rights at Work: Pay Equity Reform and Politics of Legal Mobilization by Michael McCann. The writer demonstrates that McCann’s main thesis, which is that legal action makes a viable tool for instituting social change, is a sound one, and that McCann’s recommendations in pursuing change in the private sector to equal that found in the public sector should be considered by the leaders of the Pay Equity Movement. No additional sources cited. Payeqty.wps

Pay Equity Movement / Role of Social Change : A 6 page essay that discusses how Michael McCann’s book, Rights at Work: Pay Equity Reform and Politics of Legal Mobilization, reveals what Pay Equity movements tell us about the role of social change in the United States. The writer demonstrates how McCann’s book gives an overview of social change particularly in regard to the women’s movement and pay equity issues. No additional sources cited. Eqtypay.wps

"The End of Work" by Jeremy Rifkin : A 5 page paper that provides an overview of Rifkin's book. This paper supports the contentions of Rifkin regarding the decreases in employment levels that are a result of increasing technological dependency. Bibliography lists no additional sources. Endwork.wps

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