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Assessing Juvenile Delinquency : A 4 page paper on the best way to use government funds to prevent and treat juvenile delinquency. The writer suggests two programs that deserve funding, as an alternative to incarceration. Bibliography lists 5 sources.Juvdel.wps

Bureaucracy : Approximately 5 pages containing five short essays relevant to public administration. Topics discussed include : bureaucracies, Rourke's views on contemporary politics, Federalism, administrative accountability, and the paradigms of public administration. No bibliography available. Bureauc.wps

The Bureaucracy Of Education : A 5 page paper discussing education in the U.S. since the 17th century and how it's become more and more bureacratic. No Bibliography. Edubea.pws

Government Bureaucracy : A 5 page paper on the bureaucracy in today’s government. Other terms discussed in the paper deregulation, monitoring, accountability, and responsiveness as they pertain to government. Govbur.wps

Max Weber’s Theories of Bureaucracy : This 8 page paper looks at German social scientist Max Weber’s definitions, characteristics, and value of bureaucracy. It also reviews his opinion that bureaucracies serve a social good and have a significant role in human development. Bibliography lists five sources. Webermax.wps

Bureaucracy & Weber : Sociologist Max Weber’s work is discussed in light of recent observations by James Q. Wilson, in this 5 page paper. Bureaucracy is discussed in a general sense as well, which includes specific examples such as the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the Internal Revenue Service. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Irsdmv.wps

Will Bureaucracy Survive? : A 5 page paper discussing the likelihood of the survival of bureaucracy through the millennium. Warren Bennis predicted in Changing Organizations that the bureaucratic organizations as we have known them would disappear by the end of this century. Though Bennis’ timing appears to be incorrect, his theory gains more credibility with each passing day. Without question, bureaucracy will last at least until the millennium, and even well into it. Before another though? It is much more likely that Bennis’ prediction will be seen, even by this generation, to come to bear. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Willsurv.wps

Business, Politics, & Community / Case : A comprehensive 8 page look at the J. Paul Getty Trust, headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Discussing its role as a public organization, the writer looks at the Trust's strong political influence and its commitment or lack thereof to the community. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Califcom.wps

Case Evaluation / Public Policy Analysis : 19 pages worth of essays on specific policy analyses ranging from the provision of medical services for the homeless to increasing the driving age, and more. Available as an entire document or sold separately in 2-3 page essays. No Bibliography. Policyan.wps Please send us e-mail for more information.

"Drugs, Policy, and Society" : An 11 page analytical discussion of early legislative policy and how it compares to the contemporary war on drugs. Especially useful to those studying policy & planning, sociology, and/or public administration. Bibliography lists 14+ sources. Drugpoli.wps

Essays in Public Administration/Politics : 2 essays, each three pages in length. Essay #1 examines the various decision-making models that were used by those involved in deciding U.S. policy during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Essay # 2 looks at the role that national interest plays in public policy and decision-making. No Bibliography. Cubaetc.wps

Essays in Public Administration/Politics # 2 : A shorter, 5 page version of Cuba etc.wps, prepared by a different writer. No Bibliography. Cubaetc2.wps

Policy Analysis of the Greenhouse Effect : 15 pages in length. The author discusses the policy analysis of the Greenhouse Effect. The problem of the greenhouse effect is defined. The different proposals are discussed. A recommendation is made to curtail the greenhouse effect. Several sources cited. Greenpol.

Public Administrators And The Survival Of Community Hospitals : A 15 page paper in which the writer argues that public administrators can assist in the survivability of community hospitals in four ways: (1) helping the community hospitals contain their costs; (2) designing and participating in community awareness programs that seek to gain the confidence of the public in community hospitals and in community health services; (3) assist community hospitals seeking to affiliate and merge in ways that best serve the community; (4) maintain the focus on the community as a whole by working with larger institutions and smaller institutions to meet the focus of those businesses while serving the community. Bibliography lists 11 sources. Comhosp2.wps

Public Administration / Law Enforcement : An 8 page research paper on the changes in public administration theory and its application to law enforcement. Particular attention is paid to the ideal and effectiveness of community policing. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Padmnlaw.wps

Interest Groups and the U.S. Supreme Court : 15 pages in length. Excellent for anyone studying judicial systems or public administration ...With much attention paid to several modern cases, this report examines the role that special interest groups have in determining the decisions of Supreme Court Justices. It is argued that special interest groups have actually come to have a bit too much power today and that their resulting abuses should be curtailed. The cases of Clarence Thomas and of Robert Bork are used as primary points of discussion. Bibliography lists 11 sources and a FREE annotated bibliography briefly describes their use in the paper. Judicnom.wps

Judicial Bias : A 19 page research paper on judicial bias and its various forms. The writer details conservative and liberal bias in the federal courts, ideological bias, racial and sex bias, and corruption. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Judgbias.wps

Judicial Review : The debate over whether or not the courts should embrace judicial restraint or judicial activism is reviewed in this 5 page paper. The purpose of judicial review is discussed. Roe v. Wade is highlighted as an example of a case that continues to be discussed as both an exemplification of restraint and review. Robert Bork is portrayed as a contemporary philosopher who supports restraint, or even discarding review altogether. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Judrev.wps

Judicial Review # 2 : In 6 pages, the writer discusses the concept of judicial review, what it is, how it works, agencies involved, etc. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Jrev2.wps

Judicial Review & Its Ultimate Impact Upon Public Administration/Book Review :
4 pages in length. An analytical review of Earl M. Maltz's book entitled "Rethinking Constitutional Law: Originalism, Interventionism, and the Politics of Judicial Review" in which the writer finds Maltz's views to be unrealistic because they tend to de-recognize the human qualities of judicial members. This essay largely examines political participation and its role in public administration. Standard bibliography lists more than 10 sources and a Free annotated bibliography details their usage in brief. Please send us e-mail for more details. Judicial.wps

Synopsis Of Lindblom’s "The Policy Making Process" : An 11 page paper discussing the method by which governmental policy is made and implemented. While proponents of one party point at the ills of the other, Lindblom demonstrates that the parties are valuable in the grounding framework they provide, while simultaneously clearly presenting the partisan views brought to nearly all policy analysis. The importance of the work is that it gives the "average" citizen the background needed to be able to admonish their elected officials to put aside blatant partisan views, and work for the good of the country and for all its citizens.. Bibliography lists 1 source. Lindblom.doc

On Becoming a United States Citizen : A 5 page research paper on the rights and duties of citizenship, and how to become naturalized. The writer details what citizenship is, what its benefits are, and how to obtain it. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Citznshp.wps

The Demise of the Community Hospital : A 15 page paper on the demise of community hospitals through mergers with larger systems. The paper discusses this topics and also other options incorporated by smaller institutions, including merging with other similar institutions and specializing in specific fields. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Commhosp.wps

Performance-Based Monitoring : Performance monitoring refers to a system or process for measuring the results achieved by public programs. In this 1 page paper, the writer thoroughly explains the concept, performance indicators, and the role of feedback. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Perfbase.wps *TOTAL PRICE FOR THIS PAPER ONLY $ 9.95 !

Policy Analysis / Paying Teens Money to Avoid Pregnancy : In this 6 page case analysis, the writer evaluates a plan proposed by Denver, Colorado's Planned Parenthood Chapter to pay certain teenage girls a dollar a day for avoiding pregnancy. The social ramifications of this controversial idea are assessed and the writer takes the position of the National Board for this esteemed association in deciding whether to support or ex-communicated the Denver Chapter for actually implementing the idea-- one that is in direct violation of Planned Parenthood's stated goals and ideology. All sides are considered and recommendations are made. Based on case handout.. no longer available. No Bibliography. Policywr.wps

Organizing & Administering Programs For Families & Individuals : A 10 page paper that deals with the technicalities in starting a nonprofit organization emphasizing the need for an overall strategic plan. Bibliography lists 5 sources. NonpOrgs.rtf

"Total Quality Government" : In this 7 page essay on bureaucracy, the writer describes how the managerial concepts behind T.Q.M. (Total Quality Management) can be applied to government & public administration. Elimination of programs that are not cost-effective, more efficient handling of projects, and a radical transformation of current bureaucracy are among the many ideas explained. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Tqmessay.wps

Collecting Parking Fines In The State Of New Jersey : A 5 page paper exploring the problem of collecting parking fines in the state of New Jersey. Information related to the problem is discussed as are solutions other cities have instituted. Recommendations are made as to possible alternative to correct the problem. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Par.wps

An Argument To Raise N.J.'s Speed Limit to 65 M.P.H. : New Jersey is one of few states in the U.S. that still enforces a maximum speed limit of 55 miles per hour. This 2 page essay first looks at some of the reasons why NJ lawmakers are reluctant to change and then provides an argument for them to reconsider based upon statistical data & information from other states where raised speed limits have actually reduced driver-related problems & fatalities ! Bibliography lists 3 sources. Speedlim.wps

The Social & Economic Feasibility of Passive Restraints : A 6 page professional presentation in which the writer argues against the use of passive restraints in automobiles as an effective way to reduce automobile-related injuries and fatalities. Various safety hazards and costs are pointed out and it is realized that although passive restraints will save lives, there are alternative methods that will be statistically more effective and economical as well. Based on data provided in handout-- no longer available. Passrest.wps

The History of Traffic Law : A 4 page paper documenting the origins of traffic law in Western Civilization. The writer provides an overview of the basic history from thousands of years ago to the present (literally from chariots to automobiles !) behind traffic laws and the progression from the origin to the need for laws in the present day. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Lawtraff.wps

Tort Law / Risk Management As applied To Public Recreation : A 10 page research paper which details tort law as it applies toward risk management in parks and other public recreation. The writer demonstrates how the litigious nature of current American society makes knowledge of this area a necessity for successful management of any public recreational facility. A particular emphasis is placed on risk management as it applies to supervision issues in tort law. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Riskrec.wps

Town Meeting / Analytical Reflections : In this 6 page essay, the writer re-caps events and issues covered at a local town meeting they attended. Issues in public administration, roles of municipal executives, and various procedural functions are all included in the discussion. Town budget information, tax issues, and more are covered. No bibliography. Townmeet.wps

Town Meeting / Community Issues : 6 pages in length. This report covers the topics of a municipal township meeting and some of the key issues raised concerning youths and the community, police work, and budgeting concerns. The writer points out how especially concerned members present were about tax-related issues. No bibliography. Townmet2.wps

Bluewater Sewage, Electrical, & Water Association (SEWA) : This 7 page paper examines the controversy surrounding a small community being pressured into "modernizing." Bibliography lists three sources. Sewage.wps

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services / Public Admin. Example :
A 6 page definitional overview of public administration and how the United States Department of Health and Human Services, a cabinet-level development concerned with people and humanistic concerns, constitutes a primary example of how the concept works. Information on the various sub-departments and their functions is provided. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Publiadm.wps

The United Postal Service : A 5 page paper on the internal workings of the mail system in the U.S. Included is a brief overview and history of the Postal Service along with economic and financial data. Bibliography included. Uspo.wps

The National Environmental Policy Act : An 11 page paper that provides an outlines of the NEPA and also considers the issues surrounding its implementation. Bibliography lists nine sources. Nepa.wps

Tennessee Valley Authority : A 6 page paper on the TVA that explores the political forces behind its establishment, its mission statement, and how the TVA cultivates customers through community involvement. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Tva.wps

Utility Deregulation in Pennsylvania: Panacea or Pain ? : A 3 page paper evaluating and discussing the pros and cons of the deregulation of electric companies in the state of PA-- concluding that it should indeed benefit the Pennsylvania consumer. Bibliography cites several sources. Penelec.wps

Electric Utility Deregulation : A 15 page paper discussing the macroeconomic effects of deregulation of the domestic electric utility industry. Discusses the impact to large-scale users, as well as individual consumers, how deregulation will affect the utility companies themselves in terms of profitability, and the impact of deregulation in commodities trading. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Elecutil.wps

Deregulation Of The Electric Utility Industry : 7 pages in length. The time for electric utility deregulation has arrived. Welcomed after decades of tight monopoly, businesses and residential consumers alike are looking forward to the opportunity of choosing their own utility provider and enjoying decreased rates. There are drawbacks to the plan, however, as there usually are with most two-sided situations. The writer addresses the proposed deregulation and discusses how it will impact the public. Extensive bibliography included. Dregu.wps

Deregulation’s Effect On Small Market Radio : A 5 page paper on the effects of deregulation’s potential in a rural Pennsylvania market that includes 3 FM stations owned by the same group. Radio is one of the few things that is still a growth market after having been in existence for so many years. Rather than declining, its increase is assumed to be because of its ability to blend with other activities that are competitive with other media forms, such as television and the Internet. Radio is still the choice of commuters and is one of the few things that can be simultaneous with other, competing, activities. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Radio.wps

U.S. Transportation & The Impact Of the A.D.A. : A 10 research page paper that describes the effects of the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act on transportation in the U.S. The writer presents the concept that while companies, government agencies and transit centers have attempted to provide accessibility to disabled Americans, there are many hidden problems that prevent many disabled from accessing transportation at all. The relevant roles of the Federal Highway Administration, the Department of Traffic, and more are discussed. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Distrans.wps

Welfare Systems / The Transfer of Payments : A 6 page essay on Welfare States and services offered under our own system including Medicare, social security, unemployment, etc; Comparisons are made between the U.S. and other countries. No Bibliography. Polfinal.wps

Singapore’s Public Administration : A 15 page research paper on the governmental structure of Singapore and the government’s influence in the economic advances of the country. Singapore is no longer a developing nation, having officially crossed over the line into "developed" status in 1996. Their economic level is the highest of all of the region of Southeast Asia, and their per capita income has already surpassed that of both Great Britain and Germany. They are expected to surpass US per capita income in 1997. Singapore’s government has some qualities that the western world sees as oddities, but the west is now giving new attention to the balance the country has achieved in maintaining the benefits of a strong government while avoiding its detriments. Bibliography lists 10 sources. Singadm.wps

Book Review / Osborne and Gaebler’s "Reinventing Government" : A 10 page paper that provides a chapter by chapter overview of Osborne and Gaebler's book "Reinventing Government." Bibliography lists no additional sources. Reventg.wps

Douglas Yates / "The Ungovernable City" : A 5 page book review that outlines Yates' premise about the local governmental inadequacies that have resulted in the diminished capacity urban centers, including New York and New Haven. No additional sources cited. Yates.wps

Pierre Clavel / "The Progressive City" : A 5 page book review of Pierre Clavels work on progressive civic government during the 1970s and 1980s. No additional sources cited. Clavel.wps

Jim McGuigan's Culture & The Public Sphere : A 12 page paper that provides an overview of McGuigan's work and then also considers the implications of his work through a critique in terms of its application. Bibliography lists no additional sources. Mcguigan.wps

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