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Why Cities Exist / A Look At Urban Economic Theory & The History Of Cities :
A 20 page paper that provides an overview of trhe application of major economic theories to the history and development of cities in the United States and through out the world. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Citywhy.wps

City Morphology / As Evidenced By the Greek, Romans, Italians, & French :
A 5 page overview of city evolution as evidenced by the Greek, Roman and Italian cultures. Discusses how the Greeks heavily influenced Roman cities and how the Romans, in turn, influenced Italian cities. Gives several examples of planned and organic cities. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Citymorp.wps

Cities / Social - Cultural Changes : A 6 page research paper compares modern society in Los Angeles and Boston with ancient Sparta and Athens. The writer focuses on crime and education, and general concerns of the police state. References are made to works by Zimiatin, Ellison and Plato. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Citycult.wps

The Rise of the Central Business District & the Importance of Revitalization :
A 5 page overview of the dynamics of the central business district in Midwestern city’s. Describes the traditional importance and the decline these districts have experienced in recent years. Describes in specific details the decline and rejuvenation experienced in Paducah, Kentucky. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Cenbusdi.wps

Jerusalem : This 14 page report examines Jerusalem and the struggles, historical and current, the city has faced. It gives a brief overview of the city's history, as well as the conflicts inherent in a city considered holy by Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Bibliography included. Jeru.wps

The Destruction of Jerusalem : A 10 page overview of the ancient history of Jerusalem with emphasis on two of its many periods of seige, the Babylonian siege in 587 B.C. and the Roman siege in 70 A.D. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Jerudest.wps

The Fall of Ancient Cities : 6 pages in length. Using the specific examples of Beirut and Cairo, the writer of this paper explores how cities lose their aesthetic value over time. Analytical comments are made regarding how urban areas that were once known for their statutes, monuments and ancient civilizations can not be held in the same light anymore today.. 20th century Beirut is not the Beirut of ancient times and can not be regarded as such.. A detailed explanation follows. No Bibliography, based on handouts/readings. Cities.wps

Three Ancient Cities / Comparison : 14 pages in length. In this research paper, the writer examines the artistic and architectural backgrounds of three ancient cities : Albania's Burtinti, Mexico's Cholula, and Siciliy's Syracuse. It is hypothesized that through an examination of their architecture, we can learn much about the lives of early inhabitants, and the thought that went into urban planning (roadways, aqueducts, etc;). Bibliography lists 10 sources. Citianc.wps

City Planning In Renaissance Italy : A 12 page research paper that analyzes the role of the Renaissance in Italian architecture and city planning, focusing on the cities of Venice, Florence, and Rome. The writer postulates that the Renaissance style of simplicity and symmetry, along with each city’s geography, particularly influenced the development of neighborhoods and communities. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Renitaly.wps

The Economics of Urban Poverty : The premise that poverty is largely a racial issue is discussed in this 8 page paper. The thesis presented has support from many economists who link race and the proliferation of the welfare state. Solutions to poverty are provided and include decreasing social services while improving educational facilities in poor, urban areas and implementing large scale affirmative action programs. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Urbpov.wps

Urban Poverty & Health Care : 10 pages in length. A contemplative look at the plight of urban poor and their lack of quality health care. In this paper, the writer addresses various aspects that define the problem: inadequate government aid; the trap of low-paying, unskilled, dead end jobs; and how preventive, primary health care is the goal of the immediate future. Bibliography lists 16 comprehensive sources. Urbnpovt.wps

Urban Sociology & The Need For Change : 11 pages in length. The questions raised in this paper are related to sociological studies in which spatial density is a major focus, because how close people live, work, and go to school with each other affects how people think, their behavior, work performance and even how children are educated. Using sociological theory, the writer explains many urban problems associated with cultural diffusion, immigration, gang warfare, pollution and more. Spatial / environmental considerations are of primary importance to this discussion. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Urbansoc.wps

Sociology and Race, Homelessness, and Urban Life : A 25 page paper that presents the works of three authors, Studs Terkel, Elijah Anderson and Elliot Liebow and considers their works in regards to race, poverty, gender and ethics. These works all represent different perspectives on race and urban issues, and provide compelling support against the common stereotypes of the day. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Socrace.wps

Levittown : A 12 page research paper on what is still the largest housing project ever assembled by a single builder. William Levitt and his brother answered the need for affordable housing after World War II by mass-producing houses on Long Island, N.Y. The first Levittown was followed by others and helped to fuel the growing post-WWII trend toward suburban living. The writer discusses the sociological, economical, and demographic consequences. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Levittown.doc

Suburban Malls - The New Downtown : A 5 page research paper which examines the concept proposed by Witold Rybczynski in his book, City Life, that malls have become the de facto downtown of the American suburbs. The writer also consults the work of Lyn Lofland in her book A World of Strangers: Order & Action In Urban Public Space for information on how sociologists gain rich data from their observations of such public places. Bibliography lists these books. Malldown.wps

Washington DC - Foggy Bottom & Adams-Morgan Neighborhoods / Change :
A 24 page paper that provides an overview of the major representational aspects of both the Foggy Bottom and Adams-Morgan Neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. in a comparison that evaluates the transformation since the 1930s. Bibliography lists 15 sources. DC3.doc

Sociocultural Change In The Neighborhoods Of Washington, D.C. : An 11 page paper that focuses on the demographic, cultural, religious, and economic factors that have impacted neighborhoods in Washington, D.C.. Bibliography lists 6 sources. D.C.3.rtf

History Of Contemporary Issues in Washington, D.C. : A 6 page paper that focuses on transformation of neighborhoods through processes of gentrification and urban revitalization in D.C. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Dc2.wps

Washington, D.C. 2006 : This 10 page paper investigates the possible future of the city of Washington in the District of Columbia, our nation's capital. The writer provides a brief history of Washington and the District, the cultural amenities and then provides data regarding population, unemployment, and crime then makes forecasts using trend extrapolation analysis regarding the population and crime rates. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Dc2006.wps

Atlanta, Georgia : A 10 page discussion of urban problems in Altanta, Georgia ranging from housing, politics, & education, to racism & crime. Writer displays impressive knowledge of urban politics and applies such in the analysis. Bibliography lists approximately 20 sources. Atlanta.wps

A Sociological Look At Hartford, CT : A 7 page research paper which examines the city of Hartford, CT as to its religious groups, institutions, school system and other aspects of its society. Bibliography lists 12 sources. Hartford.wps

Miami / Modern Urban Problems: A 5 page research paper on Miami and its problems. The writer details social, political, and economic factors in Miami's status. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Miami.wps

Miami’s Economic Condition : This 5 page paper provides an overview of this Florida city’s financial dilemma in the nineties. After coming out of a scandal of government corruption, the city faced possible bankruptcy in 1996. This paper delves into Miami’s present and future condition. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Sa304.wps

Metropolitan Area Report / Newark, NJ : A 40 page paper that provides a substantive look at the city of Newark, New Jersey, which includes things like the overall national and international environment, the physical characteristics of Newark, the demographics, employment, office market, retail market, industrial market, residential market, hotel market forecast, and a brief overview of the economic outlook as a whole for the region. Bibliography lists 15 sources. Newarknj.wps

New Orleans : Cultural Gumbo! This 7 page research paper discusses the cultural diversity of New Orleans and how this diversity works to create a unique and exciting city so many years after it was first regarded as a haven rich with culture. Sociological factors and some historical discussions are integrated with present day attributes of the city. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Neworlea.wps

The Camden Plan : A 7 page paper introducing the immediate and long-term problems facing Camden today (a poverty-stricken city in Southwestern New Jersey). The paper provides a detailed report and statistics on the city's plan to make changes not only to help their homeless and housing situations, but also recommended changes to government processes. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Camden.wps

A Look At Urban Problems / Detroit : An 8 page essay on socioeconomic problems in the city of Detroit, Michigan (U.S.A.). Some of the issues discussed include housing loan discrimination, destruction of parks, and urban pollution. No bibliography. Urban.wps

Oklahoma City's M.A.P.S. Plan : An 8 page research paper on the urban renewal plan for downtown and Bricktown. The writer details the design, its flaws, especially parking, and some solutions. 4 pages of graphics and text are also provided. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Maps.wps

Denver’s Renewal : A 5 page research paper on the effort of the Denver Urban Renewal Authority to revitalize Denver’s downtown district. The writer demonstrates that their efforts have succeeded beyond expectations. Cities across the U.S. are rushing to copy Denver’s success. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Denverd.wps

Redevelopment Of Silicon Valley : A 20 page research paper that discusses the problems that have faced Silicon value and the need for urban redevelopment. The paper discusses community attitude, economics, development, and "city" planning needs. From a relational view from other cities, the paper posits that the community should utilize its unique interactive abilities and apply them to planning for the future of the community, rather than merely using them in a reactionary fashion to respond the growing traffic, real estate and social problems. The paper discusses a personal plan for urban development, but focuses on the need for redevelopment professionals. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Siliconv.wps

Golden Gate Park / An Urban Landscape : A 5 page paper that considers the urban landscape of the Golden Gate Park and its impact in terms its geographical study. This paper also includes a brief history of the development of the Golden Gate Park. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Goldenga.wps

The Golden Gate Bridge : This 5 page paper highlights the construction of the third longest suspension bridge in the world. Sections include an analysis on the building of the bridge from a cultural perspective, a religious and philosophical perspective and concludes with a look at the project from an ethical standpoint. Bibliography lists 7 sources. GGB.rtf

Reconstitution In San Francisco Education : A 7 page paper that provides an overview of the process of Reconstitution in the San Francisco Unified School District and suggests the reasons behind the decision of District Superintendent Rojas to reduce its use. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Reconst.wps

Urban Re-Development In Sacremento : A 6 page research paper investigating a book written as a follow-up report to the urban re-development project in Sacramento. A contrast is made between specific elements in the original plan vs. the follow-up report vs. residents' letters to the editor. Bibliography is included. Urbansch.wps

Boston’s Green Line Subway / Controversy Over Its Continued Use :
In this 10 page research paper, the writer explores one of Boston's oldest subway lines. Specifically examined are the social and economic issues concerning its maintenance. Central to this discussion is an analysis of whether or not the Green Line Subway should continue to be operated in today’s modern Boston. lists 9 sources. Greenlin.wps

Public Transportation In New York City : The evolution of public transportation in New York City is described in this 12 page paper. The writer covers various issues, problems, and other matters that have confronted the city’s public transportation department .. examining how some of those still persist today. Bibliography lists17 sources. Nyctrans.wps

Pittsburgh’s Bus System / Public Transportation As An Extension Of Collective Action: An 8 page paper that provides an overview of the history and development of public policies regarding the development of public transportation bus systems in Pittsburgh as a result of community action. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Busspitt.wps

History of Early Inner-City Architecture In New York : A 10 page that provides an overview of the history of architecture in New York City, with a focus on the book Low Life, by Luc Sante. This paper reflects upon architecture as it relates to urban planning and the implications of early architectural design. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Lifearch.wps

Patterns Of Movement Within Paris & New York City : 4 pages in which Paris and New York City are discussed with regard to citizen patterns of movement Cultural, political, economic, and ethnic aspects are explored. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Movepatt.wps

Paris / Expatriates In : A 10 page research paper and essay exploring the issue of why, how and who were self-exiled in Paris. The writer focuses on a philosophical introduction to the mindset of the Parisian public and explores the works, politics and lifestyles of Gertrude Stein, Anais Nin, and Henry Miller. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Parisex.wps

The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 : 9 pages in length. Perhaps the most popular "whodunit" of American history, the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 spawned a generation of tough citizens who weren't willing to give up their city, even in the face of disaster. Finally, we learn that it wasn't necessarily Mrs. O'Leary's cow who set the blaze. Chicfire.wps

Organized Crime In the History of Chicago : A 6 page research paper which looks specifically at the Prohibition era and how Chicago was ruled by gangsters, bootleggers, and corrupt politicians at that time. This era ended when mobster Al Capone was finally arrested for tax evasion by "Untouchable" leader Elliott Ness. Bibliography lists 4 sources. HistChic.wps

Chef’s Tables and Controversy in Chicago : 3 pages plus an outline. An argumentative essay on why the Chicago Board of Health’s proposed 1995 regulation regarding restrictions to be imposed upon "Chef’s Tables" in restaurants like Trotter’s,-- was unnecessary and wrong. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Chefstab.wps (argument, urban, legal)

The History of the Greek Community in Chicago : An 8 page paper that provides an overview of the problems and social elements that surround the emergence of the Greek culture in Chicago and that has supported the prevallence of elements like the Greek Orthodox Church in the United States. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Chicgrek.wps

Cities Grow -- Urban Sprawl In The United States & Canada : A 9 page research paper on urban sprawl. From both an historical and modern perspective, the writer examines how the spreading of large cities into "metropolitan areas" which extend outwards into the suburbs, has contributed to social, economic, and even physical decay within the city itself. An analysis of how and why urban sprawl occurs is complemented by case examples. Bibliography lists 8 sources. Urbanspr.wps

Problems Of "Urban Sprawl" : This 10 page research paper examines the issue of urban sprawl in America from a conservative perspective. Specifically discussed are the effects of urban sprawl on regional settings, goals and objectives established for prevention, policy options for the U.S. as a whole and applications of policy options to Phoenix, AZ. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Urbspral.wps

Environmental Racism & Landfills of the Inner-City : A 20 page analytical paper examining the idea that large inner-cities seem to have their sanitation landfills strategically located in and around minority neighborhoods. A discussion of relevant case law, economic rationale, and environmental concern is provided. The writer posits that elected officials must take action or be held responsible for the harmful effects that nearby garbage dumps have upon members of the African-American and Latino communities. Bibliography lists 19 sources. Garbager.wps

The Role Of Wealthy Families In New York City’s History : New York's wealthy families are highlighted in this 5 page paper which outlines the city's history. Families which were integral to the development of New York City such as the Rockefellers, the Vanderbilts and the Astors are discussed. Their attitudes, as well as their financial endeavors, are noted. Bibliography lists 6 sources. Nycfam.wps

Fifth Avenue, New York, NY: A 10 page research paper on the history and characteristics of New York's Fifth Avenue. The writer describes the changing structure, architecture, the spectacular parades, and the stores of the famed avenue. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Fifthave.wps

New York City's "Tenant Movement" : On April 1, 1904, NY's "tenant unions" & organizations went on strike-- refusing to pay rent until their demands were met. In this 12 page research paper, the writer details specific "battles" of the Tenant Movement-- relevant situations, and their outcomes. An overview of 20th century history and the continuing struggle for tenant's rights in New York is presented, as are the efforts of various organizations such as the New York State Tenant and Neighborhood Coalition (NYSTNC). The cases provided demonstrate that when workers' real wages are squeezed by inflation or depression, in addition to conflicts at the point of production, responses occur at household level in the form of struggles in the reproductive sphere (demands for rent reductions, etc.). Bibliography lists 10 sources. Tenantmv.wps

(The) First County Park : 10 pages in length. An analytical examination of how nineteenth century Newark, New Jersey saved itself by creating the nation's first county park. Excellent reference for those studying topics relevant to urban politics. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Essxpark.wps

Patrick Geddes : A 6 page paper that describes the views and philosophy of Patrick Geddes, the environmentalist turned city planner who demonstrated his concerns for natural features within urbanization. Geddes demonstrated a means by which cities could revitalize utilizing environmental concerns as their basis. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Geddes.wps

Competitive Problems in Port Jacksonville, Florida : A 5 page paper on Port Jacksonville, Florida (an area with many specially designed facilities tailored specifically for the automobile trade) and the problems that it faced during the early and mid-1990's as a result of increased competition between cities and states. The writer analyzes Port Jacksonville's competitive environment and makes determinations about its not-so-bright future. It is realized that the socioeconomic make-up of the entire region depends on this one port city and consequently, recommendations are made for improvement. Bibliography lists 5 sources. Portjack.wps

Life In The City / Advantages & Disadvantages Of Urban Life For Children :
A 7 page paper considering the ways in which living in urban centers is associated with advantages or disavantages. Focus is on lower-income families in the inner city, for whom many of the cultural advantages of the city do not apply, the challenges they face, and the effect of these upon the children. Successful urban improvement programs to address these difficulties are described as potential advantages to urban children. Bibliography lists 24 sources. Urbanchi.wps

Gangs / Chicago & L.A. : An 8 page research overview of the social and economic factors affecting the establishment of gangs in Chicago and Los Angeles, the "political" differences between the formation of the gangs, expansion of gang territories, and the differences between law enforcement efforts. The writer supports the argument that the most effective form of enforcement has been collusion between law enforcement agencies and gang communities through several examples. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Gangprog.wps

Privatizing Inner-City Schools / "No Place To Go But Up !" : A 7 page research paper on privatizing urban schools. The writer argues that the positive aspects of privatization far outweigh the negative and offers the promising case of Hartford, Connecticut as an example. Reasons to change over are analyzed in great detail as are some of the casual factors behind decline in inner-city school systems. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Urbanedu.wps

Schools / Urban vs. Suburban : A 3 page argument in which the writer posits that the reason many people are not satisfied with urban schools is evidently resulting from the reasons that people are not satisfied with urban areas in general. As Americans have shifted so abruptly to the suburbs, the nation's cities have been left to fall apart and so has everything in them- including their schools. And when education is poor, the remaining affluent pack up and leave the city as well; creating a cycle of cause and effect. Now that there is so little left in inner-cities, urban schools are not able to offer the attractive services that suburban schools are. Statistics and case examples are analyzed to support points made. Bibliography lists 4 sources. Urbanvsu.wps

Socioeconomic Structure In Los Angeles As A Stimulus For The 1992 Riots :
A 9 page research paper on social conditions which caused the eruption of the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. The writer posits that the Rodney King verdict was merely a final stimulus ("the straw that broke the camel's back") for the ensuing violence but that various other social, economic, cultural, and demographic factors contributed to it as well. Conflict, race relations, and immigration to South Central Los Angeles are of particular importance in this insightful sociopolitical analysis. Bibliography lists 9 sources. Urbanla.wps

Gradual Causes Of The 1992 Los Angeles Riots : Similar to Urbanla.wps, this 6 page paper argues that the 1992 L.A. riots actually exemplified a manifestation of drastic socioeconomic changes that, for two decades, had been negatively affecting the parts of Los Angeles that were most prevalent in the riots. Issues concerning labor relations, the media, and general urban decay are discussed. Bibliography lists approximately 6 sources. Urbanla2.wps

Rent Control : This 5 page paper provides an overview of the rent control issue. Its impact on a variety of U.S. cities is discussed as well as other areas around the world. Bibliography lists 7 sources Rencontl.wps

John Reddie Short’s "The Urban Order" : This 5 page essay discusses John Reddie Short’s 1996 book that is also sub-titled An Introduction to Cities, Culture, and Power. Issues examined include the economic evolution of cities, elements that define contemporary urban economies, and the role urban economies play in the larger global economy. No additional sources cited. Urbord.wps

Douglas Yates / "The Ungovernable City" : A 5 page book review that outlines Yates' premise about the local governmental inadequacies that have resulted in the diminished capacity urban centers, including New York and New Haven. No additional sources cited. Yates.wps

Pierre Clavel / "The Progressive City" : A 5 page book review of Pierre Clavel’s work on progressive civic government during the 1970s and 1980s. No additional sources cited. Clavel.wps

Toronto’s Newspaper Industry : A 10 page paper on the industry that discusses the number of changes the city’s newspaper industry experienced during the 1990s. The writer reviews some of the newspapers under the new banner of the CNA and the OCNA--a lobbying organization formed to protect the autonomy of the Canadian industry. Bibliography lists 14 sources. Toronto.wps

Housing & Residential District Evolution : A 5 page examination of residential use patterns on a historic and worldwide perspective. The writer provides numerous examples of cities which have evolved in terms of their residential use as a result of the transition from production-based activities to consumption-based activities. Concludes that residential use patterns are circular in their historic nature but that they are not predictable given the number of factors which can influence them. Bibliography lists three sources. Resmorph.wps

The American Street / An Important Public Space? : A 5 page overview of history of the public space function of the city street and the evolution of that function over time. The writer concludes that this function, even with planned efforts to make it so, will never be as important as it had been in early American history. Bibliography lists 3 sources. Streetev.wps

Moving To The City / Japan's Graying Farms : A 6 page essay examining Japan's current trend away from the farms and into the cities. Family farms are being worked by owners well past working age while the families' children are opting for the life of the city, which seems to be freer and easier to live. The paper includes an analogy between the current Japanese migration from their ancient agricultural heritage to the American shift from farms to cities, comparing the similarities and differences in the cultural views of agriculture and those who make it their living. Bibliography lists 2 sources. Japanfar.wps

Urban Revolution : A 7 page paper analyzing Childs' theories elements of urban revolution compared to other authors. The paper discusses in particular, the growth of the state from conquest, commerce and administrative needs. Childs.wps

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